Case Study: Cervical Trauma

A 66 yr old male presented to the emergency room with history of injury due to a 10 feet fall from the roof where is was working. He was incubated on way to hospital. He was found to be moving his upper extremities grossly but there was no movement of his lower extremities.

On examination he was able to move shoulder and elbow and was found to have an incomplete neurological deficit in his upper and lower extremity.

An urgent CT scan was performed which showed Cervical Spine injury with unilateral facet dislocation of C6-7 on the right side.


The facet dislocation was causing compression of the spinal cord at the neck level and due to the fat that the patient had an incomplete neurological deficit and the chances of recovery were good, he needed urgent surgery to remove the compression of the spinal cord.

He was taken to the operating room immediately where the dislocation was reduced. Due to the dislocation the capsule and the disc of the same level was damaged, and the spine was unstable.

To regain the stability back the spine was fused from the front as well as from the back using plate, screw and rods.


Patient was send to a rehab facility where he made significant recovery over a span of few months.
At 1 year he was able to use his both upper extremity and had started ambulating with the use of walker.

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