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Complete Orthopedics is a unique group of dedicated orthopedic surgeons and staff. While we understand well that there are numerous orthopedic practices in the region, we take pride in our success stories for one reason: it is a complete experience of care and compassion. We understand you are stressed with your injury or chronic pain.

  • Urgent and emergent injuries the same day.
  • Multiple locations for your convenience.
  • Complete focus on your procedure and recovery.

From professional athletes to the everyday heroes, our physicians and clinical staff work together to ensure that you have an individualized experience.

From the minute you schedule your appointment to the time you leave our office healed and reaching your desired outcome, we strive to treat our patients like they’ve never been treated before.

You need an empathetic ear, a helping hand and personalized touch from beginning to the end of your care. You are not just another case, a cog in a big health system, you are our star!

We know you are going to have excellent end results as we have exceptional surgeons but what sets us apart is that we are committed to doing our very best to make the entire experience as smooth as we can.

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It is no wonder that once we meet you, you become like our family and we love to keep getting happy updates from you.

We know that having a scheduled surgery can still be quite stressful. Here at Complete Orthopedics, our experienced and compassionate staff is always ready to help you. Whether it is scheduling your appointment or working with your benefits, we do all in our capacity to make the process of your orthopedic consultation or surgery go as seamless as possible.

We take pride in the compliments we receive regularly from patients and their families; not just for the surgical skill and competence of the doctors but for the personalized and warm interactions with our staff: Donna, Dominique, Andrea and more.

Workers Comp Questions

We are a full service Workers Comp provider for the state of New York, and would be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Other FAQ's

Our orthopedic surgeons have personally answered dozens of questions that have come from our patients, here in our new FAQ section.

Complete Orthopedics is a group of compassionate, skilled orthopedic surgeons and excellent track record of providing comprehensive cutting edge orthopedic care. We take pride in not having any binding relations to any particular health system or device company. We look at every patient as a unique opportunity to provide them the care we would to one of our family members.

All of our surgeons are fellowship trained in their subspecialties. We take great pride in providing unsurpassed care to our patients in New York City & Manhattan. We have offices in Manhattan, Queens, Nassau county & Suffolk county.

If you or your loved one need orthopedic care, please contact us and we will get you in to see us as soon as possible. It will be our honor to take care of your orthopedic needs.

"I was having difficulty walking, and doing the stairs especially. Everybody is surprised how quickly I've recovered, and that I can do almost everything I had done before the arthritis."


Long Island, NY


Nassau County Citation
Friends for Good Health Ambassador Award
Town of Oyster Bay Citation
Proclamation from Senator Kevin Thomas
Nassau County Legislature Citation
NY State Assembly Citation

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