FAQ’s Answered by the Doctors at Complete Orthopedics

You can see all of our FAQ’s separated into sections. All of the doctors here at Complete Orthopedics are working to answer as many questions as they can, and have currently been focusing on questions about the spine, shoulder and knee.  Dr. Karkare has also answered multiple hip & knee replacement FAQs here.

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Fax: (212) 203-9223

Can you fax a document I need to a fax number I give you?

Yes, we can fax the document you need electronically if you text or email us the number.

When can I go home after my surgery?

Every surgery has a different postoperative course. Some patients need to go to a rehabilitation center after the surgery whereas some are discharged the same day or next day. Your doctor can give you information regarding your expected timeline.

Can I call you back for an appointment I need to look at my calendar at home?

Yes, you can call/ email or text us at any time convenient to you. Our office can call or text you if you prefer that. You can send us a text at 516-774-2663 or email us at office@cortho.org

Can I get my meds and not come in?

With the exception of the immediate postoperative period, we will have you come in the office so that the doctor can assess you before prescribing the medication.

I don’t have a workers compensation claim number. Can I still be treated?

Our office has an established workflow where we can get you an appointment and secure other information like employer information later on.

Can I call you back to give my insurance info?

You can with a click of a button send us a text at 516-774-2663 or email us at office@cortho.org to send us your insurance information. You can also call us.

What kind of shots do you administer?

We administer intra-articular “gel” injections as well as steroid injections in our office.

How soon can you get me into surgery?

Our team will work to get your surgery scheduled as soon as you are medically cleared for the procedure. Our surgeons have operating privileges at different regional prestigious hospitals as well as at same day surgery centers.

Why do I have to get an x-ray I already got an MRI?

X ray and MRI are two different radiologic techniques and are better for looking for different information. Hence you may need both.

Do I need a referral?

We are able to see you in most cases without a referral.

Can I have a new Physical Therapy prescription?

Yes, we can fax the prescription to your provider. We can also text it to you.

How much will my surgery be if you don’t take my insurance?

Our benefits specialist will work with your insurance company and you will be given a clear idea of your out-of-pocket costs.

Can you get me in today?

We see patients most days including weekends. Our office has technology that enables us to call you back just in case we miss your call.

What does out-of-network mean?

Out-of-network means that the doctors are not contracted with the insurance companies. If you do not have out-of-network benefits, we will still be able to work with you.

Do I really have to get x-rays done?

Most orthopedic cases need X-rays to assess the condition and design a treatment plan. Our office can facilitate the process either at our own office or a radiology place convenient to you.

Can you text me the address?

Yes! We will be able to text you our location. You can open the link to Maps from each office location page and drive to our location!

Do you treat children as well as adults?

We treat all adult orthopedic conditions. We treat children with acute injuries. We do not do elective peditaric orthopedic procedures at this time.

When’s the soonest you can get me in?

We are accessible 24-7. We will be able to get you in to see one of our providers by appointment in a short time as we have several locations.

Do you take my insurance?

We work with your insurance company to cover the services you need. Our benefits specialist will look at each case and give you an estimate for your visit. The payment will depend on your level of benefits.

We are in network with Medicare, workers’ compensation and no fault.

Can I send you an email?

Yes! You can send us an email at office@cortho.org. You can also send us a text at 516-774-2663

Can I send you an SMS text message?

Absolutely! We have an excellent HIPAA secure texting platform where you can send us information including your ID cards etc You can send us a text at 516-774-2663 or email us at office@cortho.org.