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Based on 162 reviews
Dr Patel was so attentive, kind and caring. He didn’t rush us and listened to us. Definitely recommend him.
Indira and Noerah
14:07 26 Apr 24
Title: Exceptional Care and Expertise:Dr. Vedant Vaksha (Complete Orthopedics,Lindenhurst)I recently underwent knee surgery for torn miniscus and IT Band issue, performed by Dr. Vedant Vaksha, and I cannot express enough gratitude for his exceptional care and expertise.From the initial consultation to post-operative follow-ups, Dr. Vaksha's professionalism and dedication stood out.Firstly, Dr. Vaksha took the time to thoroughly explain my condition and the proposed surgical procedure in a clear and understandable manner. This level of communication helped alleviate any anxieties I had about the surgery.During the surgery itself, Dr. Vaksha demonstrated a high level of surgical skill and precision. The procedure went smoothly, and I experienced minimal discomfort post-surgery, which I attribute to Dr. Vaksha's expertise.Furthermore, the post-operative care provided by Dr. Vaksha and his team was exemplary. They monitored my recovery closely, addressed any concerns promptly, and provided detailed instructions for rehabilitation exercises.Overall, my experience with Dr. Vedant Vaksha has been extremely positive. His professionalism, expertise, and genuine concern for his patients' well-being make him a top-notch knee surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Vaksha to anyone in need of orthopedic care.
Bobby Bhasin
17:39 23 Apr 24
Excelente service ,excellence receptionist and best doctors,thank you for making me better!
Julio Oropel
15:02 29 Mar 24
This is one of the best doctors office Ive been to in decades. Sometimes its very packed and you can see why once they take care of you. They explain everything, all the processes, how and when everything is going to happen, what you should be feeling and will send you or refer you to people that they trust. Friendly services, friendly doctors, friendly on the phone.
Chris Silva
22:27 28 Mar 24
Dr. Vaksha and his staff was extremely polite and welcoming to visit. Dr vaksha staff was always prompt and helpful. Dr vaksha was very knowledgeable and very helpful and explained everything in detail . Dr vaksha at complete Orthopedics is highly recommended
Stephen Rybicki
19:11 26 Mar 24
Been coming here since 2021 and have received nothing but 100% care…I would highly recommend.
Emily Cardona
21:16 21 Mar 24
Everyone from the wonderful receptionists to the great surgeon I received my surgery from is an A+Dr.vaksha fixed my battle with sciatica for 5 years. I’m recovering perfectly. Very happy with everyone I come in contact with at Complete Orthopedics! Thank you guys for fixing my back!!
Christopher Ghiraldi
13:21 21 Mar 24
Dr. Vaksha was excellent every step of the way. He made the surgery and recovery process as comfortable and smooth as possible. Highly recommend!
Brian Alemany
19:53 12 Mar 24
Helpful very nice friendly always!! Great doctor, kind staff. Always there when you need them. Got my husband back to new!
19:51 12 Mar 24
Dr. Nakul Karkare is Amazingly Amazing, He is a God sent. He’s very attentive and Caring and does his best to help his Patients to the best of his ability. I appreciate you Dr. Nakul. The office is Very clean, He's never behind I’m seen right way. Last but not least Elizabeth the Receptionist is Amazing. She greet you with a smile on her face as soon as you enter those doors. She has a warm heart she’s so professional, She caters to all your needs and make you feel calm comfortable and happy. She needs a Raise. If there was 10 Stars I would have given the Dr. and the receptionist 10 Stars.Thank you for all that you do, Joanne.
00:18 08 Mar 24
I have had a great experience with Complete Orthopedics. The entire staff is very friendly and very accommodating. Highly recommend.
Isabella Vasquez
23:03 07 Mar 24
Dr. Karkare is amazing. He performed a hip replacement on my father and he's doing great! Now my Dad is back for his shoulder. We trust Dr. Karkare because he is thorough, listens to your concerns and questions, is friendly, and his staff is personable too! Dr. Karkare really knows his stuff! Thanks!
Stephanie Monaco
21:03 07 Mar 24
Dr. Kakare is awesome and the receptionist at the stony Brook office is absolutely amazing and so helpful. You will be happy you came. I feel confident because the Dr is very skilled and can perform surgery too but will try all other options 1st.
Modess Goddess
23:07 29 Feb 24
The office was a pleasant experience all the way through the process. From the first day in the ER when I met Dr Vaksha to my latest appointment with Dr Karkare. Informative. Understanding.
Rob Casazza
21:43 01 Feb 24
I have been a patient of Dr. Rhodin’s at Complete Orthopedics for 6 years, and I can confidently say that the level of care and attention I receive is consistently exemplary.Dr. Rhodin has been my orthopedic specialist, and his expertise is truly commendable. He always takes the time to listen attentively to my concerns, thoroughly explain diagnoses, and discuss treatment options in a way that is easy to understand. I never feel rushed during appointments, and he make sure to address all of my questions and provide detailed information about my care plan.The office staff, also contribute to the overall positive experience. They are professional, courteous, and show genuine concern for the well-being of the patients. I appreciate the efficiency with which they handle appointments, tests, and follow-ups.In times of emergencies or when I need prompt assistance, the office has demonstrated exceptional responsiveness. They prioritize urgent cases and ensure that patients receive the necessary attention promptly.Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Rhodin and the entire team at Complete Orthopedics for anyone seeking top-notch orthopedic care. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and genuine care for their patients make them stand out in the field of orthopedics. I am grateful for the outstanding care I consistently receive and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.
Jaclyn Nicole
20:18 26 Dec 23
Dr KARKARE in Stonybrook is a quality orthopedic . He also does surgery . I went in with right hip pain . He sent me for X-rays and MRI . Then suggested physical therapy among after steps I should take . I’m happy I chose him . He knows what he is doing . He patient kind well bed side manner . Thorough and to the point !
18:54 21 Dec 23
Dr Vaksha is awesome, the surgery I had helped me get back to normal and I am so happy not being in pain anymore. He also checks with X-rays every month to make sure it’s healing properly post surgery.
Michelle Cusack
15:55 21 Dec 23
Very good service. It’s been a few months since my knee surgery and the results are amazing. Doctor is polite and very knowledgeable. A true professional. The lady at the front desk is very professional and helps out a lot. Very good staff.
clivon hanson
15:00 21 Dec 23
My wife had a knee replacement (left knee)At march 2023Now she is back to normal life without knee pain and discomportWe deeply appreciate to dr.karkara for great work doneYou are highly recommended
dong kwak
22:20 17 Dec 23
All the Dr's and staff go above and beyond to make sure you get the best care possible. By far the best group I have ever delt with. I highly recommend this practice.
Anthony Triolo
21:08 08 Dec 23
A few years ago I was involved in an automobile accident and my knee was damaged ( I didn't know the extent right away). I needed to see my Primary Care Physician (PCP) who then suggested I see Complete Orthopedics in Stony Brook.I am not a person that usually goes to ANY type of doctors unless my limb is falling off but I knew I had to go for my knee.I made my appointment and went into this with a stereotype ( my own beliefs)but I soon found out how wrong I was in the case of Complete Orthopedics!I was first greeted by the considerate receptionist and then I met my doctor,Dr. Karkare who treated me as a friend that I have not seen in a long time.He was professional and courteous listening to EVERYTHING I had to say. It was determined that I needed a full knee replacement surgery and Dr. Karkare led me through the whole process beforehand allowing me to ask ANY questions I had and Dr. Karkare answered each and EVERY question I had.One thing I would like to assure ANYONE reading this? I am not a man that writes reviews or gives out compliments easily!!I do so now and I suggest that if ANYONE is thinking of getting a knee replacement surgery they at least shop around,but go see Complete Orthopedics in Stony Brook before settling on a Surgeon to perform this surgery.I already knew that Dr. Karkare did a great job with the renewed movements I had after my surgery but this was also assured by another Doctor who has no idea who Dr. Karkare is!!I wish I could answer any questions people have regarding this type of surgery for I am just your typical layperson and I I would answer you honestly just as everything I write here is.The staff and Doctors at Complete Orthopedics are superb and I wish them nothing but the best throughout the holidays.
James Morgan
19:59 08 Dec 23
I researched orthopedic surgeons for approximately a month and, fortunately, decided to make an initial appointment with Dr. Karkare, and, as a result, Dr. Karkare did my hip replacement surgery in August.Almost four months out, I have no pain in my hip, no restrictions as to activities, and nothing but great things to say about Dr. Karkare's skill as a surgeon and the aftercare from him and his staff. Dr. Karkare's caring nature gave me confidence from day one until this day. Everyone involved in my care, including every one of the hospital staff treated me with kindness and respect.
Marie Z
22:45 28 Nov 23
8/6/23 I injured my right knee. Saw Dr. T. Robert Rodin of Complete Orthopedics, Stony Brook, NY on 8/13/23 for an evaluation. I have received such impressive care that I am moved to note it here. Dr. Rodin possess very experienced Orthopedic knowledge as well as an unexpected Nutritional expertise rarely found in physicians today in my opinion. I have benefited greatly from this talented physician and would recommend his guidance in healing a severe soft tissue injury NON surgically to all. Thanks 🙏 Dr. Rodin & Complete Orthopedics.
Marguerite Iannone
16:13 19 Nov 23
I Went to complete Orthopedics , the service provided was excellent. The front desk showed professionalism. I Was very satisfied with the doctor .
Bidner Emile
05:17 16 Nov 23
Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable, your telephone team is wonderful. Isabella made me feel like I was in good hands and after meeting the doctor I know I am. Dr.Karkare Took the time to explain things to me. and listen to my concerns.
Donna Luisi
18:47 22 Oct 23
I had an extremely friendly and personalized medical consult with Dr Karkare. Dr Karkare was very knowledgeable and very professional. His communication skills was extremely good and explained my medical condition in very simple words. The office visit was very helpful in understanding my medical condition. Thank you Dr Karkare
Padmanabhan Nagaraj
20:49 25 Sep 23
Dr. Karlkare and his staff were excellent. Dr. Karkare explained everything clearly and took his time getting to know my Dad.
Anna Acker
22:46 07 Sep 23
Dr Vedant Vaksha had done emergency surgery in 2020 after a traumatic injury.His office at Complete Orthopedics handled the continued care thereafter.Dr V and his staff had been Professional and friendly throughout the process, taking the time to explain all the questions on how to proceed and what to expect.Whenever I needed to speak with Dr V or the office they were a phone call away, without waiting or calling several numbers like in so many other medical offices.The office was accommodating to scheduling to my needs at all times. Dr Vedant Vaksha earned the following5 out of 5 stars, highly recommended.
John Kuey
20:58 05 Sep 23
Dr. Vaksha helped me recover from an injury. I am very thankful that he took the time to explain the best treatment for my injury. Also thankful for the wonderful office staff!
Joseph Castelli
22:30 02 Aug 23
The office is wonderful!… Dr Paresh was very helpful and attentive and made my sister in laws recovery so much better.. Thank you for everything
Jazz Lorenzo
17:48 14 Jul 23
The ladies are very welcoming, the service is great, the doctor is very professional and caring and the building is super clean. I really like to come here, the atmosphere is very friendly... Come and you will love it too.
Joan Carasco
14:41 30 Jun 23
Dr. Nakul Karkare is awesome! And patriotic! Thank you, Dr. Karkare for displaying the American Flag in your waiting room, honoring and mourning our military personnel, this Memorial Day, who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.
00:52 30 May 23
Excellent and skilled orthopedic practice specializing in joint replacements. Dr Karkare was trained at the Hospital for Special Surgery and has excellent results, as do his associates!! Would gladly refer family members to the practice!!
00:24 30 May 23
I had such a wonderful experience with Complete Orthopedics in Stony Brook. Not only did Dr. Kuo fix my broken wrist with such kindness and care, but the office staff, including Billing, Reception and the X-Ray Technician, was always so helpful, going out of their way to ensure that each patient felt welcome, answering any questions with a smile, and ensuring any issues with insurance/billing were handled with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend their practice!
Victoria DeMatteo
19:49 10 May 23
I'm very happy St. Catherine's sent me to this office for treatment after I broke my collar bone! Unfortunately the break was too severe to repair on its own and I had to have it rebuilt a week after the injury. Dr. Vaksha did a great job fixing it. I'm three months out, and I have full use of the arm and shoulder. The whole office staff is very professional, accommodating, and welcoming. I hope to not need orthopedic services again, but Dr. Vaksha will be my number one choice if I or anyone in family suffers such am injury.
Tina Rivera
20:42 08 May 23
No one likes going to the doctor. But these people make it painless. I go for knees, hips and shoulders. At almost 70 Complete Orthopedics keeps my active life style running smoothly. Whether chasing my Grandson and even surfing again, I highly recommend them!!
Thomas Slavin
15:02 02 Mar 23
Dr. Kuo knowledgeable and competent surgeon- very good experience and more importantly great result.
Joseph McCoy
21:23 25 Feb 23
Dr Vaksha was so kind and helpful. He took extra time with us and explained things so thoroughly. Highly recommend. Office very clean.
Susan Bosinius
20:20 19 Feb 23
Dr Vaksha, is a great doctor very professional knows what he talking about. Treat patient with upmost respect. Thank You
Troy Spencer
16:46 19 Jan 23
Dr. Karkare is an amazing doctor, very caring and attentive, the girl at the front desk is very kind and helpful. .elizabeth .thank you so much .
blanca ventura
21:32 26 Oct 22
Been going to this place before my accident and after I had my knee surgery. So happy how I been treated and how well I am getting. Thank you all and specially Dr. VAKSHA for everything and getting back on track.
Ita Opico
19:01 25 Oct 22
Love this place From the minute I called I was treated kindly. When I arrived The Dr saw me right away he was compassionate and ordered the appropriate tests for me. I came back in for my follow up and had the same great experience.
Christine Rostock
21:28 23 May 22
Dr Vaksha and Dr karkare are 2 of the best orthopedic doctors around my wife Susan had a very serious broken ankle in March of 2019 she didn't think she was going to walk again Dr vaksha did an excellent surgery on her ankle he said it was his toughest he ever did he put a lot of hardware in her ankle and told her she would be alright she made remarkable recovery thanks to his surgery as of now she regained 100 percent use of her ankle she would highly recommend him to anyone. My own experience with Dr karkare has been wonderful he takes his time with you listens to what you have to say and prescribes various treatments and is very caring I would highly recommend him to anyone I would give both doctors a 10 plus rating we are very happy with them the best.
Harry Jones
23:31 19 May 22
Complete orthopedics is a wonderful place to go when you hurt or injured a great staff and wonderful doctors very knowledgeable and helpful I would recommend this place to all of my family and friends that is in me of orthopedic care I give them 10 thumbs up
Wayne Pemberton
17:39 18 May 22
The staff is very professional and helpful. Dr. Vaksha is excellent. He takes time to listen and offer suggestions to help you get better. I’m very thankful and happy to be a patient here at Complete Orthopedics.
Phoenix Rising
19:54 16 May 22
Dr.Karkare is the best. He listens to everything and explains everything I recommend him to everyone. I am so happy he is my doctor.
Myrna James
00:48 13 May 22
I was in a car accident November 1 I was referred to Dr. Vaksha For shoulder surgery . I he was amazing he made me feel very comfortable and explained everything that was going to happen from surgery all the way through my physical therapy highly recommend Dr. Vaksha
Yolanda Ojeda
19:37 09 May 22
My appointment with Dr. Vaksha was amazing. Dr. Vaksha was very thorough and kind. I would refer this office to anyone who needs a great orthopedic doctor.
John Senechal
19:54 05 May 22
Scheduling my appointment was quick and easy. The staff was super friendly and down to earth. I was seen on time. The appropriate test, “x-rays” were taken before the conversation with doctor, something I really liked, test for analysis and conversation was done upfront. Dr. V had a great personality and was no BS, straight forward diagnosis and a play on next steps. I am happy I found them and would refer them to friends and family.
00:46 03 May 22
I have seen Dr. Kuo two times already and he's awesome along with his staff. Very friendly office and I'm glad to be a patient here.
20:01 28 Apr 22
Amazing team!! Very caring, profesional, and friendly!! Dr. Kevin Kuo, you are the best, very passionate, caring, and helping thank you for getting me better and being so kind to me! Elizabeth you the best thank you for you help always and you big smile and positive actitud❤️🙏🏼
breidy valerio
19:01 22 Apr 22
The staff is truly exceptional, they make you feel comfortable and welcomed. The doctors are amazing,always professional, compassionate and great listeners.
Elizabeth Collado
03:25 09 Apr 22
What a great place! The place is clean and organized.The staff is wonderful. Setting up physical therapy is right there as well.I'm so glad I found this place.
Donna Anne
22:45 05 Apr 22
This was my 1st time breaking something in my 27 years on this planet. I was recommended here by a friend Dr. Vashka helped me from day 1 and still continues to check in on me and my healing ankle. Would highly recommend
tyron davis
16:06 01 Apr 22
Brand new office, same great doctors! Rooms are clean, plenty of parking, physical therapy attached, Dr. Karkare and his staff are awesome. Thank you!
Emily B
02:49 24 Mar 22
Dr.VAksha is the best, I love the way he treats me as his patient, he is caring,understanding and very attentive to my needs
Mirna Caballero
14:53 03 Mar 22
Great staff. Dr. Vaksha is awesome and takes the time to listen to his patients. He is very compassionate. I would highly recommend this office.
Bebe Doyle
01:24 23 Feb 22
After suffering from a severe ankle injury Dr. V was able to help me heal and return back to work completely to a job where I stand for 12 hours a day. The office is very clean and I appreciated the reminders of my appointments via phone call and through text. The patient portal made it easy for me to access all my documents including work notes. The office staff is wonderful and Rebecca was able to schedule me with a busy schedule and awesome at answering all of my questions including referring me to a great physical therapy office. I highly recommend this office to anyone who’s looking for knowledgeable and kind orthopedic office.
Elizabeth Birchwell
21:31 28 Jan 21
The staff here are great, I was seen at the time of my appointment and was well taken care of!
Shaun Berry
18:14 07 Jan 21
They are an excellent practice. The front and back office people are amazing and so helpful. Rebecca is such a kind and understanding person. I had an issue with paperwork and she cleared it right up. Dr. Karkare is very knowledgeable, helpful, and caring.
Matt S.
19:31 18 Nov 20
Rebecca K. - What a true burst of sunshine. Very friendly and definitely an asset to the practice!
Laura Aston
18:17 17 Nov 20
Great experience, the Doctor is nice but the staff is incredible. I worked with Linda, who was profession and assisted me beyond what any person has done at other practices. Complete Ortho should be complimented for having such a person on their staff.I highly recommend this place!!!
Joe Allen
17:26 17 Nov 20
Linda and Becca they are so good ever time I come they are very nice I would tell everyone I no to come to this office..
Barbara Victor
16:45 17 Nov 20
I was rear ended in an auto accident , Dr Vashka was recommended by a friend of mine .I was experiencing Back , neck , and shoulder pain . After a thorough examination and given exercises to do at home , I am feeling much better , and I ended up avoiding surgery . The staff at Complete Ortho is extremely attentive and show great care when making an appointment and are very friendly and i never waited more than 5 minutes for my appointment . So I would strongly recommend Complete Orthopedics for any aches and pains that one might be experiencing.....
Bill Becht
04:44 17 Nov 20
It was the afternoon of Friday Sept. 24. We were in Pt. Jefferson and my wife, Mary Ann, broke her hip. We went to Mather Hospital and it was determined that she would have to have an operation to have it repaired. This would be her third time under the knife in the past year. It just so happened that we were very fortunate enough to have Dr. Karkare, who was on standby, perform the surgery. He put in a rod and two screws in her hip. She spent a few days in the hospital and then went to Gurwin rehabilitee for another few weeks.It has now been almost six weeks and we both worked the election the other day. If it wasn’t for Dr. Karkare’s expertise she never would have been able to work. She is able to walk with a walker and is doing physical therapy three times a week.We can not thank the doctor enough for the compassion and dedication that he puts into his work. It allows Mary Ann do the things that she likes to do, even on a limited basis for a while. I know that with her will, perseverance and the great work that the surgeon performed she will be back on her feet in no time.Sincerely:John V. PlumpEast Northport, NY 11731
Jack Harris
14:36 06 Nov 20
In the year of 2018 I was referred to Dr. Karkare because I was experiencing severe knee joint pain. After exhausting physical therapy and trying to labor through the pain, I had to make a quality of life decision. Total knee replacement was the only viable option. Dr. Karkare made my decision easy as he walked me through the whole process from surgery to recovery.On 12/13/19 ( Friday the 13th) I enter Lenox Hill Hospital in great hands. From the time I entered Dr. Karkare’s office for the first time until now, his staff has been amazing. Andrea the medical coordinator walked me through all the paper work and necessary preparations for the surgery. Courtesy and kind would be an understatement. Dr. Karkare went over and beyond from the wellness checks and phone calls all to assure me that I was important to him. This was the right decision no pain and no limp. Complete Orthopedics should be your choice!
Kenneth Randolph
22:18 25 Sep 20
Dr. Vadshka has a great bedside manner. He really takes his time and explains treatment options.
T Lee
12:33 09 Sep 20
I suffered with pain in both knees for years. My orthopedic doctor kept recommending knee replacement . I fought it for years, as I was just afraid. When I had no choice and could barely walk , it was recommended I see Dr. Karkare. We set up a consultation and my wife and I left his office feeling totally confident and comfortable with moving ahead with the surgery. He explained everything to us, and the office staff set everything up for us and made the process easy. So about one month after our initial meeting I had the first knee done. I was up walking mere hours after the surgery, and on the workout machines the next morning. I went home two days after the surgery, and yes walked my daughter down the aisle at her wedding only one week after the surgery without even a cane! Three months later I had the other knee done and went home the very next day. Dr. Karkare put my fears to rest . I would highly recommend him. His expertise gave me my life back. Thank you Dr. Karkare.SincerelyVito Congro
Ethel Congo
23:58 12 Aug 20
Dr Rhodin really cares for his patients. When I see him he makes sure to review my progress in detail.
Micki Cahill
15:03 08 Feb 20

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Our physicians trained at the best hospitals and universities in the country, They are fellowship trained in each of their chosen orthopedic sub-specialty, sports medicine, joint replacement, spine, and pediatric orthopedics.

We work together as a team to evaluate your diagnosis and treatment plan. For unusual or challenging conditions, you will often be introduced to another physician and receive a second opinion before even leaving our office.

Complete Orthopedics offers the expertise of a larger group with the dedication and teamwork to provide more personal attention and care, we don't only offer "bankers hours" we offer same day, weekend and evening appointments at several locations of our practice to ensure our patients are able to be seen.

We have the best surgical outcomes and the lowest complication rates, We strive to learn from every experience with every patient. We believe positive patient experiences and word-of-mouth referrals are the true measure of our success.

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Complete Orthopedics focuses on supporting patients with injuries to muscles, bones and joints that cause pain, physical limitation and reduced quality of life.

Our Orthopedic Specialists offer a full range of the most advanced medical and surgical care that includes total joint replacement, hip resurfacing, foot, hand and upper extremity surgery, arthroscopy, trauma and fracture repair, arthritis treatment and sports medicine expertise.

Many of these care treatments include minimally invasive techniques. Minimally invasive techniques benefit patients because they reduce pain, shorten recovery time, and leave minimal scarring. Our Orthopedic Physicians work with each patient for diagnosis and treatment with the goal of improving quality of life.

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