Case Study: Bilateral hip replacement in 66 year old female

A 66 year-old female presented with pain and arthritis in both hips for approximately 4 years. She requested referral to our centre as she was keen on pursuing anterior approach Total Hip Arthroplasty, having been informed by her family physician that she would require one.

She was otherwise healthy with only a previous appendectomy and hypothyroidism in her medical history. Her medications reflected this also. She had no allergies and does not smoke.

Full assessment of Mrs. CM including examination and radiographs revealed bilateral hip osteoarthritis of moderate severity. Her hip examination was unremarkable, with a remarkably good range of motion considering the level of arthritis she suffered from.

We explained that, should she would be a candidate for simultaneous bilateral anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty given her lack of medical comorbidities and her essentially equal severity of arthritis in each hip. She was agreeable to this, and provided informed consent.

We performed her anterior approach hip replacements on a special table that enable us to manipulate each leg independently. We completed her left hip replacement before starting the right side, but all under the same general anaesthesia.

Mrs. CM recovered very well from her simultaneous bilateral anterior hip arthroplasty, being discharged from hospital the day after her surgery.

She recovered remarkable well and quickly, describing being fully pain-free and back to baseline within 5 weeks of her surgery.


Bilateral hip replacement in 66 year old femalea


Bilateral hip replacement in 66 year old femaleb