Case Studies – Hip

In our practice, we have surgically treated numerous patients with hip pain. The surgeries that we have performed have tremendously helped in alleviating the hip pain. We have treated numerous conditions including hip arthritis, avascular necrosis of the hip, hip infection, hip loosening etc. The patients are in a variety of age groups.

We have treated hip arthritis in both hips in at same time with bilateral hip replacement surgery. Some patients were treated with robotic hip replacement surgery. All surgeries were done in a less invasive manner or minimally invasive manner.

We have also done revision hip replacement surgeries. The most common revision surgeries of the hip were done for loosening of the prosthesis and for infection.

Certain complex primary hip replacement surgeries have been done for hip dysplasia. These surgeries needed special implants as well as additional procedures like osteotomies for optimal outcome.

We have also treated recurrent dislocations of the hip. To the bet of our knowledge, none of the patients who have been treated for recurrent dislocation have dislocated again at the time of writing of this webpage.