Smart Total Knee Replacement

Your level of satisfaction following a total knee replacement can be significantly impacted by the size, shape, and how well the knee implants fit. The reason behind designing the Smart Total Knee Replacement was to provide surgeons with additional options for better aligning the anatomy of your bones.

Introducing the Smart Total Knee Replacement, the inaugural and solitary intelligent knee implant, is a source of pride for us. With the aid of cutting-edge implant technology, you can be assured that you will be in contact with your healthcare team throughout your entire recovery process.

At Complete Orthopedics, we are constantly engaged in innovation and revolutionizing what is attainable for you.

What is the functioning process?

The initial step taken by your surgeon is to choose the Smart Total Knee Replacement that is the most compatible with the structure of your knees. Subsequently, a petite extension called a “smart” stem is affixed to the lower segment of the implant.

The sensors housed in this stem are capable of gathering data such as your range of motion, stride length, walking speed, and number of steps taken. A secure online portal will enable you, our doctors at Complete Orthopedics, and medical care team to access and examine your data.

What is the purpose of gathering data?

By gathering information through Smart Total Knee Replacement, your doctor can remotely monitor your knee’s data during the course of your recuperation. With the utilization of state-of-the-art implant technology, you can rest assured that you will remain connected to your healthcare team at every stage of your recovery process.

Utilizing The Smart Total Knee Replacement Is Also Very Simple And Uncomplicated!

The Smart Total Knee Replacement integrates effortlessly into your everyday routine. You only need to set it up once by following the instructions provided in your welcome kit. Afterward, it will automatically collect data overnight and transmit it directly to your surgeon.

Smart Total Knee Replacement Data Gathers:

  • Your knee’s range of motion
  • The number of steps you take
  • The length of your stride
  • The distance covered while walking
  • The speed at which you walk

Smart Total Knee Replacement Data does NOT Gathers:

  • Your location

What is next?

If you and your surgeon have determined that the Smart Total Knee Replacement is suitable for you, they will enroll you in the program and provide guidance on how to begin.

Included In Your Welcome Kit:

Guides for getting started
Manual for users
Docking station with a USB cable and a wall adapter

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

The protection of privacy is a fundamental human right, and Complete Orthopedics upholds strong practices to guarantee its safeguarding.

Complete Orthopedics will utilize customer and patient data solely to provide the services agreed upon and for objectives that are consistent with offering those services. Complete Orthopedics ensures the security of the data that you entrust to us through robust measures.

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