General Guideline Principles for Acupuncture
for workers compensation patients

The New York State workers compensation board has developed these guidelines to help physicians, podiatrists, and other healthcare professionals provide appropriate treatment for Acupuncture.

These Workers Compensation Board guidelines are intended to assist healthcare professionals in making decisions regarding the appropriate level of care for their patients with ankle and foot disorders.

The guidelines are not a substitute for clinical judgement or professional experience. The ultimate decision regarding care must be made by the patient in consultation with his or her healthcare provider.

Acupuncture of Therapeutic Procedures

  1. Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is recommended in select patients as clinically indicated.

    Indications: for specific use as a supplement to more effective treatments for non-acute back pain. A restricted course of acupuncture may be advised for the treatment of non-acute back pain, during which time there are specific functional and objective objectives that must be met.


  2. Acupuncture is not recommended. Acute back pain or radicular pain should not be treated with acupuncture on a regular basis.


  3. Acupuncture is not recommended for the treatment of low back pain that is acute, subacute, radicular, or post-operative.

    Indications: An adjuvant to a conditioning regimen that incorporates both graded physical activity and strengthening activities should be taken into consideration for moment use in non-acute lower back patients without an underlying significant pathology.

    Acupuncture is simply advised to help increase functional exercise capacity more quickly; the conditioning program should continue to get the majority of emphasis. Patients who are not enrolled in a conditioning program or who refuse to comply with gradually increasing their activity levels should not receive this intervention.


    The average is usually no and over eight to twelve sessions, although they might range from the week for months to 20 visits spread over six months.

    • In addition to a conditioning regimen of strengthening and cardio workouts, a five- to six-visit initial trial would seem fair.


    • To justify an additional six sessions for a total of 12 sessions, future consultations should be linked to progress in objective metrics.


    • Resolution, intolerance, or disobedience, including a lack of commitment to aerobic and strength training, are all reasons for discontinuation.

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