When Should Employers Purchase Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ Compensation related illnesses or injuries afflict numerous patients. However, some patients have employers who never purchased Workers’ Compensation insurance, causing problems paying for medical treatment or benefits. This article will educate employers on buying Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Employers must gain Workers’ Compensation knowledge, despite being an established firm or newly starting. We are not an insurance agency or law firm. Instead, we are medical providers who treat orthopedic injuries. Therefore, contact your insurance company, agency, or attorney before making definitive decisions.

In most states, the law requires Workers’ Compensation if your company has employees. Legal or criminal consequences may result if breaking state Workers’ Compensation laws. In addition, Workers’ Compensation provides safeguards from financial disaster.

In addition, Worker’s Compensation insurance is invaluable security for employees by ensuring injured employees receive appropriate medical care and payment from lost wages. Employers receive protection from costly lawsuits due to workplace accidents. As a result, employers who recruit employees must purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance.

It is essential to get coverage quickly. In addition, the law may require you purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance if you run a one-person firm or to obtain a contractor license.

Each state’s laws concerning Workers’ Compensation have unique features, so it’s crucial to become comfortable with your state’s laws. Then, you may need to buy several insurance policies if your company has employees in multiple states.

If you do not have Workers’ Compensation insurance, you may need to cover an employee’s work-related injury or illness. Health insurance may not cover an employee’s medical expenses.

Our payroll company offers Workers’ Compensation insurance, and they made the process simple.

Refer to your state’s Workers’ Compensation Board website or speak with a Workers’ Compensation attorney for additional information.

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