Shoulder Pain FAQs

Why does the shoulder pop?

shoulder pop may be present due to many reasons like snapping of the tendons, tear in the tendon or the cartilage, the excessive mobility of the shoulder joint, excessive stretch of the capsule, rubbing of the shoulder, rubbing of the bone on bone in the shoulder joint, and occasionally no reason may be found for the shoulder to pop. In most cases, the shoulder pop is not associated with any other symptom like pain or instability or weakness. in such cases patients usually do not need to see a physician. But if the shoulder pop is associated with pain, swelling, weakness or restriction of movement, then the patient should seek medical attention.

What can you do for a sore shoulder?

A shoulder may be sore for multiple reasons ranging from just a sore muscle to a torn muscle or ligament or a fracture or dislocation. They should initially be treated with ice, rest, immobilization as well as anti-inflammatory medications. If the patient has worsening pain or the patient is not able to move his shoulder because of pain, then they should seek medical attention.

How long does it take for an AC joint injury to heal?

An AC joint injury may take up to 4 to 10 weeks to completely heal depending on the degree of injury or the involvement of the AC joint. Low-grade injuries may take four to six weeks but a higher grade injury may take eight to 12 weeks to completely recover. Occasionally a surgical repair may be required in these patients.

What is a SLAP repair of the shoulder?

SLAP stands for Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior. SLAP repair is another term for repair of the upper part of the labrum of the shoulder or the fibrocartilage around the socket in the region where biceps anchors into the upper part of the socket. It involves passing of sutures and fixing them to the socket of the shoulder joint. It may also need repair of the biceps tendon with the bone as an associated procedure. Occasionally the labrum may need to be debrided or trimmed to stable margin in order to take care of the symptoms.

How does a SLAP tear occur?

A SLAP tear may occur due to sudden injury or fall. It may occur gradually especially in people with very repetitive overhead movements like sportsmen involved in volleyball, baseball. SLAP tear can also be associated with degeneration and aging process of the shoulder joint.