Employer Access

Welcome to our Orthopedics Practice Workers’ Compensation Guide! This resource is designed to provide a helpful overview of workers’ compensation in the context of orthopedic injuries. However, it’s important to recognize that this guide is not a substitute for professional advice.

For more specific and detailed information tailored to your situation, we recommend visiting the official workers’ compensation portal. This portal serves as a reliable source for the latest regulations, forms, and additional resources, ensuring you have access to the most current and accurate information. Your well-being is our priority, and we trust that this guide can be a valuable starting point for your understanding of workers’ compensation in the field of orthopedic care.

Employer Access

Businesses are encouraged to leverage Employer Access for the following purposes:

  1. Electronic Correspondence:
    • Provide an email address for electronic communication with NJDOL’s Divisions of Employer Accounts and Unemployment Insurance, as mandated by P.L. 2022, c. 120 (S2357).
  2. Reporting Employee Actions:
    • Report instances of employees refusing suitable work.
  3. Account Management:
    • View an account summary, including payment history and any deficiencies.
  4. Contributions Information:
    • Check both employer and worker contribution rates.
  5. Shared Work Application:
    • Submit applications for the Shared Work program.
  6. Rate Notice Retrieval:
    • Download the annual contribution rate notice.

Registration Requirements:

To register for Employer Access, it is essential that your business falls under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Unemployment Compensation law and is obligated to file both Forms NJ927 and WR30.


Setting Up Employer Access:

Verification Process:

  1. Initiate the credential verification process within our Employer Access application.
  2. Link your Employer Access to either a new or existing myNewJersey account.

Administrator Role:

  • The individual creating the Employer Access account holds the “administrator” role.
  • The administrator exclusively manages the addition or removal of users (e.g., payroll managers, payroll services, accountants).
  • This arrangement ensures that access to account information is controlled solely by the administrator.


Adding Employers:

  • To include additional employers, follow a two-step process: credential verification and linking to your myNewJersey account.

Essential Information: Before proceeding, gather the following details:

  • 15-digit Employer Identification Number (EIN)*
  • Official business name
  • 4-digit Authorization Code issued by the Department of Labor & Workforce Development. If unavailable, retrieve it during registration by providing the amount on Line 8 of the employers’ quarterly report (form NJ-927) for the prior quarter. For further assistance, email EmployerAccess@dol.nj.gov or call 609-633-6400, option 0.

EIN Formatting Guidelines:

  • The first digit is always 0.
  • The subsequent 12 digits are the New Jersey tax identification number (typically the 9-digit Federal Employer Identification Number followed by a 3-digit suffix, or three zeroes if no suffix is assigned).
  • The last two digits are always 00, except for specific clients of employee leasing companies with client-level reporting.