Online Services: COURTS on-line

Welcome to our Orthopedics Practice Workers’ Compensation Guide! This resource is designed to provide a helpful overview of workers’ compensation in the context of orthopedic injuries. However, it’s important to recognize that this guide is not a substitute for professional advice. For more specific and detailed information tailored to your situation, we recommend visiting the official workers’ compensation portal.

This portal serves as a reliable source for the latest regulations, forms, and additional resources, ensuring you have access to the most current and accurate information. Your well-being is our priority, and we trust that this guide can be a valuable starting point for your understanding of workers’ compensation in the field of orthopedic care.

Online Services: COURTS on-line

COURTS on-line offers authorized subscribers access to detailed information regarding their firm’s cases and hearing lists, allowing them to e-file legal pleadings. The Workers’ Compensation electronic filing (eFiling) program enables attorneys, insurance carriers, governmental agencies, and self-insurers to file and receive Workers’ Compensation legal documents through the Division’s COURTS on-line system.

Eligible Legal Pleadings for e-Filing:

  • Claim Petitions
  • Answers to Claim Petitions
  • Dependency Claim Petitions
  • Answers to Dependency Claim Petitions
  • Medical Claim Petitions
  • Answer to Medical Claim Petitions
  • Application for Review and Modification of Formal Awards (Re-Openers)
  • Answers to Application for Review and Modification of Formal Award
  • Amendments to the above 8 documents
  • Application for an Informal Hearing (insurance carriers can also e-file this document)
  • Motion to Dismiss
  • General Motion
  • Answer to Motion
  • Motion for Medical & Temporary Benefits
  • Answer to Motion for Medical & Temporary Benefits
  • Motion for Emergent Medical Treatment

Eligible Entities for e-Filing:

  • Law firms currently registered with the Division
  • Insurance carriers and approved Self-Insurers (self-administered), registered with the Division
  • Court reporting Firms currently under contract with the Division
  • Physicians appearing before the Workers’ Compensation Court

Benefits for Carriers/Law Firms:

  • Instant access to pending case data
  • Access to dates pleadings were received and processed
  • Information on all parties involved, proceeding dates, and results
  • Lien information and related case details
  • Viewing judicial calendars and downloading hearing calendars
  • Online access to petitioner’s prior judgments, dismissals, and pending case data
  • For law firms in the e-filing program: electronic filing of legal pleadings and notice receipt through the COURTS on-line website

Benefits for Court Reporting Firms:

  • Downloading and printing judicial calendars
  • Access to case status information and decision details
  • Confidential access to information on cases assigned to their firm

Benefits for Workers’ Compensation Physicians:

  • Search for information about the status of a pending case
  • Access to closed case details, closure dates, and insurance carrier contact information

Access Requirements:

  • Valid and unique e-mail address for each individual subscriber
  • Employer approval for designated authorized participation
  • Specific Internet and software settings including recommended browser, internet connection, PC settings, and other required software

How to Participate:

  • Complete a COURTS on-line Internet Access Application form
  • Designate a contact person with managerial title
  • Complete the Designation of a Contact Person form
  • Complete and sign the Subscriber Application forms for each applicant
  • Designate access levels for each subscriber
  • Participation in e-filing is open to COURTS on-line subscribers

Access Levels Options for Law Firms:

  • Basic: No e-filing rights
  • Limited: Can receive notices and enter data into pre-formatted templates, but cannot e-file
  • Full: Full rights to receive and file legal pleadings electronically

Access Levels Options for Insurance Carriers:

  • Basic: No e-filing rights
  • Full: Full rights for e-filing, receiving electronically filed legal pleadings, and designating respondent counsel

Additional Information:

  • e-filing offers increased efficiency and real-time business processing
  • Notices for e-filed legal pleadings are available through the COURTS on-line website
  • Regular mail continues for manually filed documents
  • For additional questions or information, contact COURTS on-line Technical Support Unit at or call 609-777-4921 / 609-292-2556