Oceanside, NY

Welcome to Complete Orthopedics, an orthopedic surgery center specializing in limb reconstruction and joint replacement surgery. Our practice is located in Little Neck, NY, and we offer services to Oceanside, NY. We are a unique group of dedicated orthopedic surgeons and staff who provide full orthopedic services from multiple locations throughout Long Island. While there are numerous orthopedic practices in the region, we believe that we are the best orthopedics practice in the area. Here are some reasons why:

1. Expertise: Our team of orthopedic surgeons specializes in the musculoskeletal system, which includes joints, ligaments, bones, muscles, and tendons. They have gone through four years of medical school, a minimum of five years of residency, and a fellowship focused on a specific area of orthopedic surgery, such as spinal cord surgery, joint surgery, and foot and ankle surger]. Our physicians and staff provide an exceptional environment for educating patients and family members on the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of the spine.

2. Location: Our main facility is in Little Neck, NY, and we offer services to Oceanside, NY. This means that we are conveniently located for patients in these areas, making it easier for them to access our services.

3. Patient Education: We understand the importance of patient education in orthopedics. Web-based patient education interventions have a positive effect on patients’ knowledge. Our team of orthopedic surgeons will discuss the available surgical options and advise you on the potential pros and cons of having or delaying surgery, taking into account your age, health, and level of activity.

4. Quality of Care: We provide exceptional orthopedic care, including diagnostic services, surgical services, rehabilitation, and more. We offer all services conveniently located within one building, making it easier for patients to access the care they need.

5. Friendly Environment: We understand that visiting an orthopedics practice can be stressful for patients. That’s why we strive to create a friendly and welcoming environment for our patients. Our physicians and staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care and making our patients feel comfortable and at ease.

In summary, Complete Orthopedics is the best orthopedics practice in the area because of our expertise, convenient location, patient education, quality of care, and friendly environment. We take pride in the compliments we receive regularly from patients and their families; not just for the surgical skill and competence of the doctors but for the personalized and warm interactions with our staff. We look forward to adding you to our family soon!


We are pleased to provide an extensive range of orthopedic services tailored for Oceanside, NY:

Hip Replacement Surgery:

Purpose: Hip replacement surgery is recommended for individuals dealing with hip joint damage caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or fractures, with the primary goal of alleviating discomfort, restoring mobility, and enhancing overall quality of life.

Procedure: There are two primary types of hip replacements—total hip replacement (THR) and partial hip replacement (hemiarthroplasty). THR involves the replacement of both the hip joint’s ball and socket, while hemiarthroplasty addresses only the ball component.

Implants: Artificial hip joint components are typically crafted from materials like metal, plastic, or ceramic, selected based on the patient’s age, activity level, and specific requirements.

Recovery: Following the procedure, patients undergo physical therapy to regain strength and mobility, resulting in reduced pain and improved hip function.


Custom Knee Replacement:

Purpose: Custom knee replacement offers a personalized approach to knee arthroplasty, suitable for individuals with severe knee pain or joint damage unresponsive to conservative treatments.

Procedure: Advanced imaging and computer modeling assess the patient’s knee anatomy before surgery, enabling the design of a custom-fitted knee implant tailored to their unique anatomy.

Benefits: Custom knee replacements often result in improved alignment, stability, and reduced pain compared to standard knee replacements.

Recovery: The recovery process includes physical therapy to regain knee strength and range of motion, typically resulting in reduced pain and improved knee function.


Hip Avascular Necrosis:

Definition: Avascular necrosis of the hip occurs when the blood supply to the hip bone’s femoral head is disrupted, resulting in the death of bone tissue.

Causes: This condition can arise from factors such as trauma, prolonged corticosteroid use, excessive alcohol consumption, or specific medical conditions.

Treatment: Treatment options include medications for pain management and addressing underlying conditions. In advanced cases, surgical interventions like core decompression, bone grafting, or hip replacement may be necessary.


Cervical Myelopathy – Posterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion:

Purpose: This procedure addresses cervical myelopathy, characterized by spinal cord compression in the neck, with the aim of relieving pressure on the spinal cord.

Procedure: Surgeons access the spine from the posterior approach, removing any bone or tissue compressing the spinal cord and fusing adjacent vertebrae to stabilize the spine.

Recovery: Physical therapy may be necessary to regain strength and mobility, and the procedure can alleviate symptoms such as numbness, weakness, and difficulty walking.


Degenerative Lumbar Spine – Fusion Surgeries – TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion):

Purpose: TLIF targets degenerative conditions of the lumbar spine, including disc degeneration, herniation, or spondylolisthesis.

Procedure: During TLIF, the surgeon removes the problematic disc, inserts bone graft material into the empty disc space, and employs hardware like screws and rods to fuse adjacent vertebrae.

Benefits: TLIF provides spinal stability, reduces pain, and can enhance overall function.


Degenerative Cervical Spine – ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion):

Purpose: ACDF is employed to treat cervical spine conditions such as herniated discs or spinal cord compression in the neck.

Procedure: The surgeon accesses the cervical spine from the anterior approach, removes the damaged disc, and fuses adjacent vertebrae using a bone graft to alleviate pressure on the spinal cord.

Recovery: This procedure can alleviate symptoms like neck pain, arm pain, and numbness.


Lumbar Canal Stenosis and Degenerative Adult Scoliosis – Lumbar Fusion:

Purpose: Lumbar fusion is recommended for conditions such as lumbar canal stenosis or adult scoliosis to provide spine stability.

Procedure: During lumbar fusion, two or more vertebrae are fused using bone grafts and hardware to reduce pain and improve spinal alignment.

Benefits: Lumbar fusion can offer relief from pain, weakness, and other symptoms associated with these conditions.


Lumbar Discectomy:

Purpose: Lumbar discectomy is performed to address herniated or damaged discs in the lumbar spine.

Procedure: The surgeon removes the portion of the disc pressing on nearby nerves, providing relief from pain and discomfort.

Recovery: Patients typically experience reduced leg pain and improved mobility following this procedure.

If you reside in Oceanside, NY, and are in need of orthopedic care, we invite you to experience the exceptional service of Complete Orthopedics. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (631) 981-2663. Allow us to become your trusted allies on your path to superior orthopedic health. We are here to assist you with unmatched care and a commitment to excellence. Welcome to Complete Orthopedics, where your health and well-being take precedence!


About Oceanside

Oceanside, NY is a hamlet located in Nassau County, on Long Island, New York, United States. The hamlet is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and growing community. Oceanside has a lot to offer, from its beautiful parks to its excellent schools, and its vibrant commercial district.

History of Oceanside, NY

Oceanside, NY has a long and rich history that dates back to the colonial era. The area was originally inhabited by the Lenape Native American tribe. The first European settlers arrived in the area in the 17th century, and the area became a center for farming and fishing.During the 19th century, Oceanside became a popular destination for wealthy New Yorkers, who built summer homes and estates in the area.

The hamlet was also home to a number of industries, including shipbuilding and oyster farming.In the early 20th century, Oceanside began to develop into a residential community, with a mix of single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums. The hamlet has a rich architectural heritage, with many historic buildings and homes.

Culture of Oceanside, NY

Oceanside, NY has a diverse and vibrant culture, and the hamlet is home to a number of museums and cultural institutions. The hamlet is also known for its beautiful parks, which draw visitors from all over the world. The hamlet is home to a commercial district featuring nightlife, hotels, waterfront restaurants, and a variety of stores.

Tourism in Oceanside, NY

Oceanside, NY is a growing tourist destination, thanks in part to its beautiful parks, charming villages, and rich cultural heritage. The hamlet is home to a number of attractions that draw visitors from all over the world.One of the most popular attractions in Oceanside is the Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area, which is a nature preserve that features a variety of plant and animal species.

The preserve is a popular destination for birdwatchers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts.Another popular attraction in Oceanside is the Oceanside Historical Society, which is a museum that features exhibits on the history of the hamlet. The museum is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, and it is often used for educational programs and events.




Here are the directions from Oceanside, NY to Complete Orthopedics at 52-21 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362:

  1. Head north on Long Beach Rd toward Foxhurst Rd.
  2. Turn right onto Mott St.
  3. Turn left onto Lawson Blvd.
  4. Turn right onto Rockaway Ave.
  5. Turn left onto Peninsula Blvd.
  6. Turn right onto Lakeville Rd.
  7. Turn left onto Northern Blvd.
  8. Turn left onto Little Neck Pkwy.
  9. Complete Orthopedics will be on the left at 52-21 Little Neck Pkwy.

Note: The exact directions may vary depending on your starting location. It is recommended to use a GPS or map service to get the most accurate directions.


Healthcare near Oceanside

List of 3 pharmacies, 3 radiology centers, 3 urgent care, 3 hospitals near Oceanside, NY with address

Here are three pharmacies, three radiology centers, three urgent care centers, and three hospitals near Oceanside, NY with their addresses:


  1. CVS Pharmacy – 3577 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, NY 11572
  2. Walgreens Pharmacy – 3191 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, NY 11572
  3. Rite Aid Pharmacy – 3110 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, NY 11572

Radiology Centers

  1. South Nassau Radiology – 2277 Grand Ave, Baldwin, NY 11510
  2. Oceanside Radiology – 3255 Lawson Blvd, Oceanside, NY 11572
  3. Diagnostic Radiology Associates – 165 N Village Ave, Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Urgent Care Centers

  1. CityMD Oceanside Urgent Care – 3644 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, NY 11572
  2. ProHEALTH Urgent Care – 1 Healthy Way, Oceanside, NY 11572
  3. Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care – 1070 Northern Blvd, Roslyn, NY 11576


  1. Mount Sinai South Nassau – 1 Healthy Way, Oceanside, NY 11572
  2. Mercy Medical Center – 1000 N Village Ave, Rockville Centre, NY 11570
  3. Long Island Jewish Medical Center – 270-05 76th Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Note: The information provided is accurate as of October 2023.

We take great pride in providing comprehensive orthopedic care to patients from various hospitals and urgent care centers in our community, including those mentioned earlier.

Whether you have a referral for orthopedic treatment or simply wish to consult with us for any orthopedic concerns, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated 24/7 team. We are here to assist you promptly and compassionately.

Many individuals visit urgent care centers and hospitals for worker compensation and no-fault insurance-related injuries. If your injury does not necessitate a hospital visit, we are pleased to provide professional orthopedic treatment tailored to such cases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 631-981-2663 to schedule an appointment with us today. Your well-being is our priority