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Welcome to Complete Orthopedics, your premier destination for comprehensive orthopedic care. Located in Riverhead, NY, our team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons and specialists is dedicated to serving patients not only in Riverhead but also in Wainscott, NY, and the surrounding areas.

Our Expertise:

At Complete Orthopedics, we take pride in our years of experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions. Whether you’re dealing with joint pain, fractures, sports injuries, or any musculoskeletal issue, our experts are here to provide you with top-notch care.

Services We Offer:

1. Hip and Knee Replacement: If you’re seeking joint replacement surgery to regain mobility and improve your quality of life, we specialize in hip and knee replacements.

2. Sports Medicine: Our sports medicine specialists are well-equipped to treat athletes of all levels, helping you recover and get back in the game.

3. Orthopedic Consultations: Even if you’re unsure about your orthopedic concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated team for consultations. We’re here to provide prompt and compassionate assistance.


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You can easily schedule an appointment with us online  or by phone at (631) 981-2663. Our location at 887 Old Country Rd. SUITE A Riverhead, NY 11901 is conveniently located to serve residents of Wainscott, NY.

Your well-being is our utmost priority, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality orthopedic care to our patients. We look forward to serving you and addressing your orthopedic needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to take the first step toward a healthier, pain-free life.


About Wainscott


Wainscott, NY is a census-designated place (CDP) that roughly corresponds to the hamlet with the same name in the Town of East Hampton in Suffolk County, New York, United States, on the South Fork of Long Island. As of the 2010 United States Census, the CDP population was 650. The CDP was created for the 2000 census. In this article, we will explore the history, culture, and tourism of Wainscott, NY.


History of Wainscott, NY

Wainscott’s historic Main Street village retains the charm and character of its original 19th-century settlement, with historic buildings. The town was originally settled in the 17th century by English colonists, and it was named after Wainscott, Kent, England. The town was primarily an agricultural community until the late 19th century when it became a popular summer resort destination for wealthy New Yorkers.

During the 20th century, Wainscott became a popular destination for artists and writers, including Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. Today, the town is a thriving community with a rich history and a vibrant culture.


Culture of Wainscott, NY

Wainscott, NY has a rich cultural history, and the town has been home to a number of world-renowned artists and writers over the years. The town is also home to a number of museums and cultural institutions, including the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, which maintains a large collection of artifacts and images related to the history of Wainscott.

The town is also known for its agricultural heritage, and it is home to a number of farms and vineyards. Visitors can take a tour of the local wineries and sample some of the region’s finest wines.

Tourism in Wainscott, NY

Wainscott, NY is a popular tourist destination, thanks in part to its beautiful beaches, charming villages, and rich cultural heritage. The town is home to a number of attractions that draw visitors from all over the world.

One of the most popular attractions in Wainscott is the Wainscott Beach State Park, which offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can swim, sunbathe, and enjoy a variety of water sports at the town’s beaches.

Another popular attraction in Wainscott is the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, which is dedicated to the life and work of Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner. Visitors can take a tour of the house and studio and learn about the artists’ lives and work.

Wainscott is also home to a number of beautiful parks and nature preserves, including the Wainscott Woods Preserve, which offers hiking trails and birdwatching opportunities. Visitors can explore the town’s natural beauty and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors.

Wainscott, NY is a town with a rich history, a vibrant culture, and a thriving tourism industry. Visitors to the town can explore its museums and cultural institutions, sample its wines, and enjoy its beautiful beaches. Whether you are a history buff, a wine lover, or a beachgoer, Wainscott has something to offer everyone.



Here are the directions from Wainscott, NY to Complete Orthopedics at 887 Old Country Rd. SUITE A, Riverhead, NY 11901:

1. Head east on Montauk Hwy toward Sayre’s Path.
2. Turn left onto Sayre’s Path.
3. Turn right onto Wainscott Northwest Rd.
4. Turn left onto NY-27 W.
5. Take exit 70 toward Manorville/Riverhead.
6. Merge onto County Rd 111.
7. Turn right onto Old Country Rd.
8. Complete Orthopedics will be on the left at 887 Old Country Rd. SUITE A.

The total driving distance is approximately 23 miles and should take around 35 minutes, depending on traffic.


Healthcare near Wainscott


1. CVS Pharmacy – 111 Main St, East Hampton, NY 11937
2. Walgreens Pharmacy – 20 Hampton Rd, Southampton, NY 11968
3. Rite Aid – 655 Old Country Rd, Riverhead, NY 11901

Radiology Centers:
1. East End Radiology – 1333 Roanoke Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901
2. Peconic Bay Medical Center Radiology – 1300 Roanoke Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901
3. Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Lab & Radiology – 240 Meeting House Ln, Southampton, NY 11968

Urgent Care Centers:
1. STAT Health Urgent Care – 365 County Rd 39A, Southampton, NY 11968
2. ProHEALTH Urgent Care – 1149 Old Country Rd, Riverhead, NY 11901
3. CityMD East Hampton Urgent Care – 350 Montauk Hwy, Wainscott, NY 11975

1. Stony Brook Southampton Hospital – 240 Meeting House Ln, Southampton, NY 11968
2. Peconic Bay Medical Center – 1300 Roanoke Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901
3. NYU Langone Health – 160 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

Note that some of the radiology centers and urgent care centers are located in Riverhead and Southampton, which are about 20 miles away from Wainscott.

Please note that these locations are approximate and it’s advisable to check their respective websites or contact them directly for the most current information and services they provide.

We take immense pride in delivering comprehensive orthopedic care to patients from various healthcare facilities within our community, including the ones previously mentioned.

Whether you come to us through a referral for orthopedic treatment or if you simply want to consult about any orthopedic concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated 24/7 team. We are here to offer prompt and compassionate assistance.

Many individuals seek treatment for workers’ compensation and no-fault insurance-related injuries at urgent care centers and hospitals. If your injury doesn’t require a hospital visit, we are delighted to offer specialized orthopedic care tailored to such situations. Feel free to contact us at 631-981-2663 to arrange an appointment with us today. Your well-being is our utmost priority.