Special Investigations Unit

Special Investigations Unit

Requesting Alaska Workers’ Compensation Workshop

Industry associations, government agencies, and large organizations are urged to arrange customized onsite workers’ compensation workshops by getting in touch with the Chief Investigator of the Special Investigations Unit at (907) 269-4002.


Uninsured Employers

In the State of Alaska, all businesses utilizing employee labor are obligated to procure and uphold workers’ compensation insurance. Employers failing to comply may face penalties of up to $1,000 per employee per day for remaining uninsured, and an obligatory $1,000 daily penalty for violating stop work orders. For additional details, please consult the Employer’s Guide to the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act.


 How do I report fraud?

If you:

  • Suspect any business employing labor is without insurance;
  • Are an employee uncertain about your employer’s coverage;
  • Know an employer engaged in:
    • Misclassifying employees as independent contractors to evade workers’ compensation premiums;
    • Underreporting payroll to evade workers’ compensation premiums;
    • Deducting workers’ compensation premiums from employee wages or compelling employees to contribute to premiums;
    • Requiring employees to verbally or in writing “waive” workers’ compensation benefits; or
    • Refusing to file a report of occupational injury with their insurer or the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Division;


  • Know an individual who is:
    • Secretly working another job while currently receiving workers’ compensation benefits;
    • Selling prescription medications received due to a workers’ compensation claim;
    • Asserting an injury is work-related when it occurred elsewhere;
    • Engaging in restricted activities specified as part of their workers’ compensation claim; or
    • Falsifying injury expense reports; or
  • Know a care provider fraudulently billing a workers’ compensation insurer for treatment, services, or supplies not provided.

If you suspect any form of fraud, reach out to the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Division Special Investigations Unit at (907) 269-4002 or toll-free at (888) 372-8330, or via email at wcfraud@alaska.gov. Your anonymity can be maintained upon request.