The Workers’ Compensation system necessitates that employers cover the medical and disability benefits for employees injured in the course of their work.Workers’ Compensation also mandates the provision of benefits to dependents in the event of death resulting from work-related causes.

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The Department of Labor and Workforce Development along with the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board hereby notifies that a revised edition of the material incorporated by reference in 8 AAC 45.083, authorized by AS 23.30.098, pertaining to fees for medical treatment and services, is currently in force.

To examine the catalog of publications and materials adopted by reference, refer to the Online Public Notice of Amended Material Previously Adopted by Reference ICD, 2023, and the subsequent documents.


The full board meeting of the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board is scheduled for January 11.

The Adjudications Section is tasked with fairly and impartially interpreting the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act. Its goal is to ensure the prompt, efficient, and predictable provision of medical and indemnity benefits to injured workers, all while maintaining a reasonable cost for employers and insurance carriers.

The Special Investigations Unit examines accusations of workers’ compensation fraud involving employers, injured workers, and care providers. Workers’ compensation fraud encompasses any deceptive or untrue action or statement aimed at securing benefits or avoiding the complete payment of workers’ compensation premiums. The Special Investigations Unit is additionally tasked with examining and ensuring employer adherence. It involves investigating and urging the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board to impose penalties on uninsured employers for coverage lapses and violations of stop-work orders. Employers may face fines of up to $1,000 per employee for each day they remain without insurance. Additionally, there is a compulsory $1,000 per day penalty for violating stop-work orders.

The Medical Services Review Committee aids the Workers’ Compensation Board and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development in matters related to medical services and associated costs.

The Reemployment Benefits Section manages the distribution of reemployment benefits to eligible injured workers.Eligible injured workers have the option to choose vocational retraining, with the costs covered by the employer.


Special Funds Units

The Workers’ Compensation Benefits Guaranty Fund (Fund) was created in 2005 to offer workers’ compensation benefits to individuals injured on the job while employed by an uninsured employer. A claim against the Fund can be initiated after the Board determines that the employer is accountable for but neglects to provide benefits as mandated by the Act.

The Fishermen’s Fund covers the medical treatment and care of licensed commercial fishermen in Alaska who sustain injuries or fall ill as a result of fishing-related activities either onshore in Alaska or in Alaskan waters.

The Second Injury Fund offers compensation to employers for individuals with a lasting physical impairment who file claims.

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Commission reviews appeals arising from decisions made by the Alaska Workers Compensation Board in cases adjudicated by the Board on or after November 7, 2005.