Adjudications Section

Workers’ Compensation Adjudications Section

The Adjudications Section within the Alaska Division of Workers’ Compensation plays a crucial role in the interpretation and application of the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act. The primary objective is to ensure the prompt, efficient, and predictable distribution of medical and indemnity benefits to injured workers, all while maintaining a reasonable cost for employers and insurance carriers.


Information and Assistance

The section’s Technicians actively contribute to enhancing comprehension of the Act by educating both employees and employers about their respective rights and obligations. Their focus is on providing clarity and facilitating a better understanding of the intricacies involved.


Pre-Hearings and Issue Resolution

Workers’ Compensation Officers, operating under the Adjudications Section, conduct pre-hearings to define the key issues slated for consideration by the Board. Their role extends to aiding parties in settling matters before reaching the hearing stage and making determinations on disputes related to discovery.


Mediation Program

The Adjudications Section oversees a mediation program designed for handling contested claims. Parties involved can choose to voluntarily engage in this program, seeking assistance in resolving issues through mediation.


Legal Disputes Resolution

Unresolved legal disputes and claims progress to a three-member panel. This panel comprises two Board members, one representing labor and the other industry, along with a Hearing Officer serving as the Designated Chair. Their responsibility encompasses adjudicating issues related to ensuring proper benefits for injured workers and enforcing compliance with the Act’s mandatory requirement for employers to furnish workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees.