Examination Under Oath for providers

Legal Authority for EUO (Examination Under Oath) 

Pursuant to the insurance regulation, an insurance company can call a provider now for an examination under oath. An examination under oath is a formal proceeding where they normally do it in person or on Zoom, and they swear the physician, under the penalties of perjury, over acts the physician to affirm pursuant to the CPLR to tell the truth throughout the process. In the examination under oath for the position, there’ll be questions and answers.



The purpose of the examination under oath could vary depending on the reason the insurance company initially decided to schedule it. Normally, if you decide to participate pursuant to the no-fault laws and free patients and submit bills to an insurance company, that authorizes them ultimately to conduct an examination under oath of a physician. The scope of the examination, again, can be very broad, and usually there’s multiple bills in dispute due to a certain issue. So it’s very important to have an attorney by your side prior to that examination under

Additionally, a lot of times, if you’re prepared well for an examination under oath, you can discover the reason as to why the insurance company may be conducting the examination under oath. Normally, it could relate to your billing, as in you’re not billing pursuant to a certain fee schedule, because with respect to no-fault regulations, you have to bill pursuant to the fee schedule. It can also relate to certain services that you’ve provided and whether you’ve actually provided those services.

Additionally, there could be other questions, such as the anti-kickback statute legislation issues, or it can involve certain criminality conducted by the physician. If he’s submitted bills falsely or he’s engaged in certain activity that’s not authorized. It’s very important to look at the specific cases and to identify why an EEOC was conducted prior to appearing. In the examination under oath, again, anything the physician says will be transcribed and reduced to a transcript in writing, and they will request that the physician sign it under the penalties of perjury or affirm to the truth.


Transcript Utilization

That transcript ultimately can be used by that insurance company in subsequent proceedings in court to justify why they shouldn’t pay certain bills and why you engage in certain conduct and how they can prove that based on your testimony.


Attorney’s Role in Objections

Additionally, with the examination under oath, if you have an attorney by your side, a lot of times you can pose certain objections to certain completely irrelevant and inappropriate questions. for your questioning. Although the scope of the EOO is broad, it is not unlimited. Additionally, based on the answers to the questions presented, and depending on the conduct that you’ve engaged in, you may not be even aware, but it could amount to not only civil penalties, but also criminal penalties if certain conduct has occurred. That’s, in summary, a EU lawful provider.


Nuances in EU Lawful Provider Landscape

Exploring the intricacies of EU lawful providers reveals a nuanced landscape that demands careful consideration. The specificity of EU law provider regulations adds a layer of complexity to every situation, be it minor or significant. Delving into the details, issues like inconsistent billing practices emerge as key concerns.

Imagine encountering scenarios where ortho bills are submitted for varying amounts, such as $186 and $76. Picture the confusion of receiving six physical therapy bills daily, all while a chiropractic bill for the same service is concurrently submitted. The question naturally arises – is this a case of fraudulent billing practices? The gravity of the concern becomes apparent, highlighting the need for a thorough examination.

In addressing these challenges, Additional Personal Injury Protection (EPIC) emerges as a potential solution. This underscores the importance of proactive measures to maintain the integrity of billing practices within the EU lawful provider framework.

As we navigate through these complexities, it’s evident that ensuring transparency and ethical conduct is paramount. Your commitment to raising awareness about these issues is commendable. Stay tuned for more insights on navigating the intricacies of legal and billing landscapes. If you have further thoughts or experiences to share, feel free to engage with us.