In 2015, OSHA estimates that a little over 13 workers per day died from workplace injuries. That is a lot of fatal workplace injuries, but it also represents a lot of different injury situations.

Sometimes a workplace injury is an honest accident that could not have been prevented. Accidents that are not fatal can often be covered by workers’ compensation, but that does not eliminate the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit. A workplace injury victim or their family should not be hesitant about filing a lawsuit if there is negligence involved.

Employee Violence

Violent acts by employees on other employees are common in the workplace, and they can have two sources of negligence. In these types of events, the aggressive employee can be negligent, and the company can be negligent if it is not enforcing policies that keep employees safe. Companies should be providing comprehensive workplace violence training to all employees, and following through on punishments when employees commit acts of violence in the workplace.

Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)

Any worker in any job can experience an RSI in varying degrees of severity. A good example of a typical RSI would be carpal tunnel syndrome for employees who type a lot on computers. Employees who develop bad backs or knees over the years from bad office chairs also fall into this category.

While these instances do quality for workers’ compensation, most workers do not think of filing a lawsuit for their injuries. It is the responsibility of the company to provide safe and adequate working conditions. The effects of not having ergonomic office equipment have been known for some time, and companies can be negligent if they do not offer ergonomic options.

Auto Accidents

From 2003 through to the end of 2010, 962 construction workers were killed on roadside work sites by both people driving too fast, and vehicles working on the job site. People tend to forget just how dangerous it is for construction workers who do road work, but statistics like these help to bring the problem to light.

The police do their best to patrol roadside work areas, but there will always be irresponsible drivers who get past law enforcement. A driver who injures a worker is negligent and can be named the defendant in a personal injury lawsuit. Workers injured by other workers driving vehicles will have to consult with an attorney to see if they have a case, after seeking the appropriate medical assistance.

Falling Objects

Both pedestrians and construction workers are injured and killed every year from falling objects. It could be something as small as a hammer that is pushed off the ledge of a high work area, or beams that come loose from their harness and fall while being lifted by a crane. The injuries can be severe, and they can happen quickly.

Construction companies must take all precautions to prevent objects from falling into areas where pedestrians walk and sit, which makes the company negligent in most of these instances. But objects that fall on construction workers can be a little more difficult to pinpoint. Workers also have the advantage of wearing hard hats, which offer some protection. But a worker who has been injured by a falling object due to the negligence of someone else should never hesitate to seek compensation in the civil courts.

If you are injured on a work site, then your first step is to make sure you receive medical attention. Then be sure to file the appropriate paperwork to get workers’ compensation to pay your medical bills and bring in some income while you are out. But if you feel that you have a strong case against negligent parties that caused your injuries, then you should never hesitate to seek out legal advice consider your legal options.