What are recent advances into the field of spine surgery? So we have started using more of navigation now. We have these sensors, infrared sensors. We have these fiducial we put down the bone, and then our drill, the sleeves, they are all marked.

So these help us in more precise working. We can work minimally invasively with these, with the help of these. They give very accurate placement. These are of also multiple types now, surface and space and many things, infrared. Overall, this is where we use the O arm or the intraoperative CT scan also to combine those images with our operative image and get more precision.

This is being used in multiple other fields like hip and knee surgeries, joint replacements also now.

This is a robot we are using here. So robot helps in putting a drill in a place or help us where to decompress. So this is another level, but a surgeon still has to be there. He has to hold the drill and drill it in. But again, it helps to precision, they are more helpful tool when we are doing complex cases, long surgeries. This is an ultrasonic bone cutter that we use sometimes, Misonix, which helps in precision and speed.

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