Various type of surgeries that we do: Non-fusion surgeries, these are nobel surgeries, these are surgeries in which we are trying to keep the motion of the cervical spine intact because restricting the motion in the form of fusion leads to many other problems.

So, disc-replacement is one of the surgeries that we have been doing also in the last 10-15 years. It has come a long way and we are able to restore mobility in these patients.

We have a clinical criteria to do this. These patients should not have significant neck pain because if neck pain is there, then this is not going to help the neck pain. But otherwise, most patients with radiculopathy even myelopathy at a single level or even two levels can help us. We can also hybrid the fusion sometimes when there are multiple levels.

This is another surgery we do is from the back. It’s a minimal invasive surgery. This is called a microscopic discectomy in which we make a discectomy and foraminotomy. we make a hole, do a laminoforaminotomy in a small area through tubes and take out the disc from there. Just decompressing the nerve taking out the disc helps a lot. And these are usually done for single-level radiculopathies.

This is another non-fusion surgical called laminoplasty in which we go from the back again and we open up the lamina, cut it, split it wide open, put a small plate on multiple levels and leave it there. So we don’t fuse the neck and mobility is maintained, kept and they do well.

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