SAFE, LLC, a small business established in 2001, operates on the belief that workplace accidents can be prevented and injured workers can safely return to work. Over the years, SAFE has successfully averted numerous accidents, as evidenced by OSHA benchmarking, and boasts a high return-to-work rate for claims received, exceeding 90%. Led by an Occupational Therapist as the founder and managing partner, the company emphasizes prevention efforts and early nurse case management to mitigate the financial and personal toll of permanent disabilities.

SAFE is offering one-on-one assistance often lacking in larger Third Party Administrators (TPAs). As an education-focused entity, SAFE aims to empower both employees and employers for a seamless return-to-work process.

Operating from Syracuse, New York, SAFE is positioned to cater to clients’ needs effectively. Their team of professionals understands the unique challenges across various environments and ensures clear communication in easily understandable terms.

SAFE specializes in workers’ compensation third-party administration for diverse entities, including New York State self-insured employers, independent adjusters, captive insurance programs, municipalities, run-off group trusts, and insolvent group trusts. Since 2007, SAFE has served as a Workers’ Compensation Board contractor for insolvent groups,. With localized claims expertise and proactive risk management services, SAFE delivers tangible results for its clients.



Claims Management

SAFE offers comprehensive claims management services tailored to meet the needs of businesses. Their dedicated team manages every aspect of the claims process. Each claim is handled by a dedicated claims adjuster to ensure it receives the attention it deserves. Clients receive regular updates on the status of their claims through clear and concise reports. SAFE’s expertise in NY State Workers’ Compensation law allows them to navigate the complexities of claims management effectively.


Nurse Case Management Services:

SAFE offers Nurse Case Management services to facilitate successful and simplified Return-To-Work programs. Nurse Case Managers act as advocates for injured employees, ensuring they receive timely and appropriate medical treatment while protecting the company’s interests.


In-House Medical Bill Processing:

SAFE provides in-house medical billing services, aiming to save companies money by identifying and denying duplicate bills and charges for inapplicable treatments. Additionally, they work to reduce medical bills in accordance with the New York State fee schedule.


On-Site Accident Prevention & Loss Control Services:

SAFE offers On-Site Accident Prevention & Loss Control services tailored to various industries. Their expertise allows them to accurately identify unique risk areas within organizations. SAFE crafts personalized Accident Prevention Programs that align precisely with each organization, effectively reducing the frequency and severity of employee injuries.

They focus on implementation. In addition to identifying high-risk areas and proposing solutions, SAFE equips clients with the necessary tools, guidance, and support to effectively implement those solutions.


Captive Insurance Program – HONY (Health Partners for Workers Compensation)

HONY, established in 2011, is a member-owned group captive insurance program primarily focusing on the healthcare industry. The group comprises like-minded individuals who collaborate to provide workers’ compensation insurance for member companies.