CorVel – MEMIC

CorVel – MEMIC is a partnership between CorVel Corporation and The MEMIC Group, aimed at providing comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance and managed care services to injured workers and employers. Here’s an overview of what CorVel – MEMIC typically offers to patients:


Workers’ Compensation Claims Management:

  1. Claims Intake and Processing:
    • CorVel – MEMIC streamlines the claims reporting process, allowing injured workers to report their injuries quickly and efficiently. They handle the intake of claims, ensuring all necessary information is collected accurately to initiate the claims process promptly.
  2. Medical Care Coordination:
    • CorVel – MEMIC facilitates medical care coordination for injured workers, ensuring they receive timely and appropriate medical treatment. They work with a network of healthcare providers to arrange medical appointments, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and other necessary treatments to aid in the injured worker’s recovery.
  3. Case Management Services:
    • CorVel – MEMIC assigns dedicated case managers to oversee the progress of each workers’ compensation claim. Case managers act as liaisons between injured workers, healthcare providers, employers, and insurance carriers, ensuring that treatment plans are followed, and the injured worker’s needs are addressed promptly.
  4. Return-to-Work Programs:
    • CorVel – MEMIC assists employers in implementing return-to-work programs designed to facilitate the injured worker’s safe and timely return to the workplace. They work with employers to develop modified duty assignments, accommodate work restrictions, and provide support for employee rehabilitation and reintegration.
  5. Vocational Rehabilitation Services:
    • CorVel – MEMIC offers vocational rehabilitation services to help injured workers who are unable to return to their previous job due to work-related injuries. They provide vocational assessments, job training, career counseling, and job placement assistance to help injured workers transition to suitable alternative employment.

Managed Care Services:

  1. Medical Bill Review:
    • CorVel – MEMIC conducts medical bill reviews to ensure that medical bills are accurate, reasonable, and in compliance with fee schedules and billing guidelines. They identify errors, duplicate charges, and unnecessary treatments to help control medical costs and ensure fair reimbursement for medical services provided.
  2. Utilization Review:
    • CorVel – MEMIC performs utilization review to evaluate the medical necessity and appropriateness of healthcare services and treatments recommended for injured workers.
  3. Pharmacy Benefit Management:
    • CorVel – MEMIC offers pharmacy benefit management services to help injured workers access necessary prescription medications at reasonable costs.

Technology Solutions:

  1. Online Portals and Mobile Apps:
    • CorVel – MEMIC provides online portals and mobile applications that allow injured workers, employers, and healthcare providers to access claim information, submit documentation, communicate with case managers, and track the progress of workers’ compensation claims conveniently.
  2. Telemedicine Services:
    • CorVel – MEMIC offers telemedicine services that allow injured workers to consult with healthcare providers remotely, reducing the need for in-person medical appointments and facilitating timely access to medical care. Telemedicine services can be especially beneficial for minor injuries, follow-up visits, and non-emergency medical issues.

Customer Support:

  1. Dedicated Customer Service Teams:
    • CorVel – MEMIC provides dedicated customer service teams to assist injured workers, employers, and healthcare providers with inquiries, technical support, and service requests related to workers’ compensation claims and managed care services.