CorVel Corporation

CorVel Corporation is a national provider of risk management solutions for employers, third-party administrators, insurance companies, and government agencies seeking to control costs and promote positive outcomes. Protective Insurance, a subsidiary of the company, specializes in providing insurance products and services tailored to the needs of transportation and logistics companies. Here’s an overview of what they offer and the benefits they provide:

  1. Insurance Coverage: Protective Insurance offers a range of insurance coverage options designed specifically for the transportation and logistics industry. This includes coverage for commercial auto liability, physical damage, cargo, general liability, workers’ compensation, and more.
  2. Risk Management Services: CorVel and Protective Insurance provide comprehensive risk management services to help clients mitigate risks and prevent losses. This may include safety training programs, claims management, loss control assessments, and compliance assistance.
  3. Cost Containment Solutions: One of the key benefits of partnering with CorVel and Protective Insurance is their focus on cost containment. They employ various strategies to help clients reduce their insurance costs, such as implementing safety initiatives, managing claims efficiently, and utilizing data analytics to identify areas for improvement.
  4. Claims Management: Protective Insurance offers efficient and effective claims management services to help clients navigate the claims process smoothly. Their team of claims professionals works closely with clients to expedite claim resolution, minimize downtime, and ensure fair outcomes.
  5. Specialized Expertise: With a deep understanding of the transportation and logistics industry, Protective Insurance offers specialized expertise that can help clients address industry-specific challenges and regulations.
  6. Customer Support: CorVel and Protective Insurance are known for their responsive customer support services. They strive to provide personalized assistance to clients, addressing their unique needs and concerns promptly and effectively.
  7. Technology Solutions: CorVel and Protective Insurance leverage technology to enhance their services and provide clients with convenient access to information and resources. This may include online portals for claims reporting, risk management tools, and data analytics platforms.


Workers’  compensation

CorVel Corporation is a leading provider of workers’ compensation services, offering comprehensive solutions to help employers manage claims effectively, control costs, and promote positive outcomes for injured workers.

  1. Claims Management: CorVel specializes in claims management services tailored to the unique needs of workers’ compensation programs. They have a dedicated team of claims professionals who work closely with employers, injured workers, and healthcare providers to facilitate timely and appropriate care while managing costs.
  2. Medical Management: One of the key aspects of workers’ compensation is ensuring that injured workers receive the necessary medical treatment to recover and return to work. CorVel offers medical management services that help coordinate care, ensure appropriate treatment, and facilitate timely communication between all stakeholders involved in the claim.
  3. Utilization Review: CorVel conducts utilization reviews to ensure that medical treatments and services are medically necessary and in compliance with established guidelines. This helps control costs by preventing unnecessary or excessive treatments while ensuring injured workers receive the care they need.
  4. Return-to-Work Programs: CorVel assists employers in developing and implementing return-to-work programs aimed at helping injured employees transition back to the workplace as soon as medically appropriate. These programs may include modified duty assignments, vocational rehabilitation services, and other support mechanisms to facilitate the return-to-work process.
  5. Data Analytics: CorVel utilizes advanced data analytics tools to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement within workers’ compensation programs. By analyzing claims data and other relevant metrics, they can identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and enhance program efficiency.
  6. Safety and Loss Control Services: CorVel provides safety and loss control services designed to help employers prevent workplace injuries and minimize risks. This may include safety training programs, risk assessments, ergonomic evaluations, and other proactive measures aimed at creating safer work environments.
  7. Customer Support and Education: CorVel offers responsive customer support and educational resources to help employers navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation. They provide guidance on compliance requirements, claims management best practices, and other relevant topics to support employers in effectively managing their workers’ compensation programs.