CCMSI (Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc.) is a leading third-party administrator (TPA) in the insurance industry, offering a wide range of services to manage claims, risk, and medical costs for self-insured entities, insurance carriers, and other organizations. Founded in 1978, CCMSI has established itself as a trusted partner for companies seeking efficient and effective claims management solutions.

One of CCMSI’s primary areas of expertise is in workers’ compensation claims administration. They provide comprehensive services to help employers navigate the complex landscape of workers’ compensation, including claims investigation, case management, medical bill review, and litigation support.

In addition to workers’ compensation, CCMSI offers services in other lines of insurance, such as property and casualty, general liability, auto liability, and employee benefits.


Workers´ Compensation

CCMSI is widely recognized for its comprehensive workers’ compensation services,

  1. Claims Administration: CCMSI offers end-to-end claims administration services, handling every aspect of the workers’ compensation claims process. This includes initial claim intake, investigation, determination of compensability, and claims adjudication.
  2. Case Management: CCMSI provides proactive case management services to help injured workers receive timely and appropriate medical care while facilitating their return to work. Certified case managers work closely with injured employees, healthcare providers, and employers to coordinate medical treatment, monitor progress, and facilitate rehabilitation efforts.
  3. Medical Bill Review: CCMSI conducts thorough reviews of medical bills to ensure accuracy and compliance with fee schedules and other regulatory requirements.
  4. Litigation Management: In cases where disputes arise or litigation is necessary, CCMSI provides expert litigation management services. Their team of legal professionals collaborates with clients’ attorneys to develop effective defense strategies, manage court proceedings, and negotiate settlements.
  5. Risk Management and Loss Control: CCMSI offers proactive risk management and loss control services to help employers identify and mitigate workplace hazards, prevent accidents, and reduce the frequency and severity of workers’ compensation claims. This may include safety assessments, employee training programs, ergonomic evaluations, and compliance assistance. .
  6. Data Analytics and Reporting: CCMSI harnesses the power of data analytics to provide clients with valuable insights into their claims experience, trends, and performance metrics. Through customizable reporting tools and dashboards, clients can track key performance indicators, monitor claim outcomes, and identify opportunities for improvement. .