Broadspire, a Crawford Company, is a leading third-party administrator (TPA) and provider of risk management solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services to help businesses manage their insurance claims, workers’ compensation programs, and employee benefits.


Claims Management Services:

  1. Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration:
    • Broadspire specializes in managing workers’ compensation claims on behalf of employers and insurance carriers. Their services include claims intake, investigation, adjudication, payment processing, and resolution. They work closely with employers and injured workers to ensure timely and appropriate medical treatment and facilitate return-to-work programs.
  2. Property and Casualty Claims Administration:
    • Broadspire provides claims management services for property and casualty insurance claims, including commercial liability, general liability, auto liability, property damage, and other types of claims. They handle the entire claims process, from initial reporting to final settlement, while focusing on efficient claims resolution and cost containment.
  3. Disability Claims Management:
    • Broadspire assists employers and insurance carriers in managing disability claims, including short-term disability (STD), long-term disability (LTD), and other disability insurance programs. They evaluate disability claims, coordinate benefits, facilitate medical reviews, and support employees throughout the disability management process.
  4. Medical Management Services:
    • Broadspire offers medical management services to help control healthcare costs and ensure quality medical care for injured or ill employees. This may include medical bill review, utilization review, nurse case management, prescription management, and provider network management.

Risk Management Solutions:

  1. Risk Consulting and Assessment:
    • Broadspire provides risk consulting services to help businesses identify, assess, and mitigate risks across their operations. They conduct risk assessments, develop risk management strategies, and implement preventive measures to minimize the likelihood and impact of potential losses.
  2. Safety and Loss Control Programs:
    • Broadspire assists businesses in implementing safety and loss control programs to promote workplace safety and prevent accidents and injuries. This may include safety training, hazard assessments, ergonomic evaluations, and safety policy development tailored to specific industries and business needs.
  3. Return-to-Work Programs:
    • Broadspire helps businesses develop and implement return-to-work programs aimed at facilitating the safe and timely return of injured employees to the workplace. These programs focus on accommodating temporary or permanent work restrictions, providing modified duty assignments, and supporting employee rehabilitation and reintegration.

Employee Benefits Administration:

  1. Leave Management Services:
    • Broadspire offers leave management services to help employers administer employee leave programs, including Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other statutory and company-specific leave policies. They ensure compliance with applicable regulations and facilitate smooth transitions between various types of leave.
  2. Absence Management Solutions:
    • Broadspire provides absence management solutions to help employers track and manage employee absences effectively. This may include absence tracking, attendance monitoring, absence reporting, and coordination of disability and return-to-work benefits.
  3. Benefit Enrollment and Administration:
    • Broadspire assists employers in managing employee benefit programs, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits. They handle benefit enrollment, eligibility verification, claims processing, and ongoing administration to support employees’ health and financial well-being.

Additional Services:

  1. Technology Solutions:
    • Broadspire offers innovative technology solutions and platforms to streamline claims management, risk assessment, and employee benefits administration processes. Their technology solutions may include claims management systems, analytics tools, online portals, and mobile applications for enhanced accessibility and efficiency.
  2. Compliance Support:
    • Broadspire provides compliance support services to help businesses navigate complex regulatory requirements related to workers’ compensation, disability management, leave administration, and employee benefits. They stay abreast of regulatory changes and provide guidance on compliance issues to mitigate legal risks.
  3. Customer Support:
    • Broadspire offers dedicated customer support to assist clients with inquiries, technical assistance, and service requests related to claims management, risk management, and employee benefits administration.