We are doing everything possible to keep patients and our doctors and staff safe during this tough time.

Before giving patients an appointment to “physically” come into the office, our staff first prescreens all patients on phone. Patients then have a televisit with one of our surgeons before coming in.

The prescreening televisit before coming into the office achieves several purposes:

  • It establishes a good doctor patient relationship. We value of personal relationship with our patients and this relationship is at the core of what we do.
  • We try to ensure the best care through this televisit. If the physician can come up with a treatment plan that does not need the patient to physically come into the office the vist to the office can be avoided.
  • If an”interim treatment plan” is needed, the patients will be comfortable at home till it’s safe to visit the office. E.g., if a patient can postpone coming to the office with a certain medication, that medication is prescribed during the televisit.

We still are seeing patients in the office. Eg- Patients with fractures that need to be splinted are brought to the office, so that the visit to the emergency room is avoided.

Our staff cleans the doorknobs and maintains physical distancing to ensure safety for everybody when the patient visits the office.

Please be advised that face coverings/masks are required to be worn in the office at all times.

I am fellowship trained in joint replacement surgery, metabolic bone disorders, sports medicine and trauma. I specialize in total hip and knee replacements, and I have personally written most of the content on this page.

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