I had a patient from Canada who underwent hip replacement surgery on both sides and he emailed me these tips to pass along…

  • Get dental work done 8 weeks before surgery
  • Talk to your family physician to ensure he/she is willing to do
    follow-up when you get home. (inspect wound, remove staples or stiches
    if required)
  • Personal directive
  • Family medical history
  • List of all previous surgical procedures
  • All medications in original bottles
  • Cane
  • Walker (2-wheel)
  • Dense foam seat cushion
  • Raised toilet seat
  • Long handled shoe horn
  • Anti-bacterial soapSpare bandages
  • Stool softener
  • Fill a prescription for pain medication before you leave home
  • Loose fitting boxer shorts
  • Loose fitting shorts (basket ball type)
  • Loose fitting sweat pants
  • Slippers or shoes with elastic shoe laces
  • Compression stockings
  • Keep all medical, hotel, meal and transportation receipts for yourself and your buddy as you may be able to submit with your tax return

I am fellowship trained in joint replacement surgery, metabolic bone disorders, sports medicine and trauma. I specialize in total hip and knee replacements, and I have personally written most of the content on this page.

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