If you sustained any orthopedic or neurological injuries in a New York State auto accident the first thing you need to do is ensure that you complete an application for NY No Fault medical benefits to ensure that your medical treatment is covered and paid for. The New York auto accident personal injury attorney’s at http://www.winthatcase.com/ will complete your No Fault application for you. You can speak to a Bronx County, Nassau County, Suffolk County, or Queens County auto accident injury attorney at Win That Case anytime 24 / 7 by calling toll free at 877-996-6849. A New York personal injury auto accident specialist lawyer will promptly call you back and give you a free phone consultation.

What is NY No Fault coverage and insurance?

No Fault insurance is the primary insurance policy that you must utilize in order to have your medical bills paid for orthopedic injuries sustained in a New York automobile accident. The policy is provided by the auto insurer of the vehicle you were riding in regardless of who is at fault. This is why it is called “No Fault” insurance. If you were struck as a pedestrian, then the insurer of the vehicle which struck you must cover your medical bills with its No Fault provisions.

How do I claim my New York No Fault benefits?

You claim your New York No Fault benefits by making an application to the insurer of the vehicle you were in. However, you must do this IMMEDIATELY, as under NY No Fault law, you only have 30 days to make the application. If you submit the application more than 30 days after the accident the insurer will disclaim coverage for a late application. This means that you will be out of pocket for your medical treatment.

Who can assist me in filing my NY No Fault Application?

The New York automobile accident injury attorneys at Win That Case will make the No Fault application for you. Either call us directly at 877-996-6849 or tell Dr. Nakul V Karkare, MD and his awesome staff at Complete Orthopedics that you injuries were sustained in an automobile accident. They will assist you in getting in touch with the lawyers at Win That Case and completing your application for No Fault medical coverage insurance.

What other documentation should I have when I am injured in New York auto accident?

When involved in a NY automobile accident you should obtain the name of the other driver, the information regarding the insurance policy of the other vehicle, and the vehicle’s registration. In addition, if you do not own the vehicle you were in when the accident took place, you need to get the same information from your vehicle as well.

You also want to obtain the police accident report. If a State Trooper took the report this can be obtained on the NYS DMV’s web site. If however a NYC or other non-trooper took the report you need to obtain it from the Police Department that took the auto accident report. It is important to obtain from the police officer his name, name of the police department, incident number, and the procedure for obtaining the police report.

You should also ascertain the name of the ambulance which transported you to the hospital as well as the hospital where you received your emergency treatment. This is important for your follow up doctor and your NY injury recovery lawyers to have in treating your injuries as well as proving your damages.

I was injured in an auto accident – what now?

Call us today at Complete Orthopedics to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nakul V Karkare, MD. The sooner you begin treatment for injuries sustained in an auto accident the better the prognosis.

Do not delay in seeking medical treatment! Not only does delaying your treatment prolong your period of illness, but a gap in treatment makes it harder to recover in a personal injury case. In fact, often times what would be a good case to recover upon is ruined by a gap in treatment because someone puts off getting medical treatment. How many times have you heard or said “if I still feel bad next week I’ll go see a doctor…” only to wait and wait and it’s a month or more before treatment is sought. Don’t let this be you! Seek treatment immediately! You have the medical No Fault coverage so treatment is free!

Do don’t delay – call Complete Orthopedics today. Call the NY auto accident attorneys at Win That Case today at 877-996-6849, or ask the Complete Orthopedics staff get you in touch with the attorneys at Win That Case.

The lawyers at Win That Case make it very convenient. They come to you! They will meet you at your home, hospital or at Complete Orthopedics. They will take care of all of your paperwork and applications, and ensure that you recover everything you are owed.