In today’s circumstances, we at Complete Orthopedics are committed to our patients.  During this tough period of COVID-19 breakout and subsequent social distancing as needed to control the pandemic, we are working hard to bring optimal care to our patients right at their home.

We are scheduling phone and video appointments for follow-up as well as new patients and taking care of our patients in these unforeseen circumstances when we are unsure of how long this may continue.

This will avoid the need to get out of the house and visit a doctor for an orthopedic consultation. Our office will provide an appointment time with our fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons.

We are dedicated to our patients and continue to provide them support and comfort.  Our office staff is working to schedule convenient appointments.  If it is deemed necessary by the physicians that the patient need to be seen in person then an appropriate visit is planned on the next possible appointment.

Dr. Karkare doing his part in stopping the pandemic by getting vaccinated for Covid-19.

Dr. Karkare getting the Covid-19 vaccine to help halt the spread of the virus and to continue providing medical care while keeping safety and welfare of the patients at forefront.

Dr. Vaksha doing his part in stopping the pandemic by getting vaccinated for Covid-19.

Patients can call our office at 631-981-2663.  They can fax their records or reports to us at 212-203-9223 or email us on  We are committed to give back to the society and provide good care of our patients.

We wish all our patients good health and pray that this period of difficulty shall pass soon.  Below are some of the links that can help to know more about COVID-19 and how to stay safe and healthy.

For patients who are at high risk of infection, including those with immunocompromised conditions, pregnant women, patients with heart disease, lung disease, or Diabetes Mellites should wear masks and gloves preferably to avoid contact and droplet contamination. Kids and the older population should preferably not come to the office unless necessary.

Please be advised that in case of any emergency, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room. A phone consult does not substitute a face-to-face interaction with the doctor and is limited since a physical examination is not possible.

The physician will try his best to help the patient, although he may be limited in giving his opinion and may not be able to prescribe specific medications or drugs as needed. With all our safety protocols in place, we are able to safely schedule patients for elective surgeries.

I am Vedant Vaksha, Fellowship trained Spine, Sports and Arthroscopic Surgeon at Complete Orthopedics. I take care of patients with ailments of the neck, back, shoulder, knee, elbow and ankle. I personally approve this content and have written most of it myself.

Please take a look at my profile page and don't hesitate to come in and talk.