Many times when you are involved in a Bronx, New York auto accident, or an auto crash anywhere in NY State, you sustain injuries to your neck. Injuries to your neck are called “cervical spine injuries,” because they involve the portion of your back known as your cervical spine, or “C-spine.”

Whenever you sustain cervical spine injuries in an auto accident you could be entitled to a huge recovery from the driver that caused your injury. Often time the whiplash associated with a NY auto accident causes you injury and compression to your central nervous system as well as the peripheral nerves in your cervical spine area. This compression can cause you loss of coordination, loss of sensation and strength, numbness, and a tingling of your arms and extremities. When conservative treatment does not work you may be a candidate for cervical laminectomy surgery.

The Bronx, New York auto accident personal injury attorneys and lawyers at will represent you to recover what you are owed for the injuries you sustained in your accident as well as having to undergo cervical laminectomy surgery or any surgery as well as physical therapy and other medical treatment. In addition to the Bronx, The personal injury lawyers at Win That Case can represent you not just in the Bronx, but anywhere in New York City and Long Island, including, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. In addition, the personal injury auto accident law firm of Win That Case can represent you in Westchester County as well.

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What is Cervical Laminectomy Surgery?

Before you can understand what Cervical Laminectomy Surgery is you need to understand general cervical spine anatomy and how the various parts of the spine articulate. The cervical spine is that part of the spine that encompasses the neck. It is made up of 8 bones, called vertebrae. Each vertebra in your spine is separated and cushioned by an intervertebral disc, keeping the bones from rubbing together. Inside the disc is a gel-filled center called the nucleus. The spinal cord runs through the center of the spinal canal, and the peripheral nerves which control movement and sensation run alongside the cord, until it reaches its exit hole called the intervertebral foramen.

This is how the cervical spine normally articulates. However being involved in an auto accident and having your head whip violently front to back or side to side can easily misalign the vertebrae or cause the disc to herniate and rupture. When this happens bone and / or soft tissue squeezes, compresses, or impinges / pinches, upon the central nerve, the peripheral nerve(s), or both. When nerves are pinched electrical impulses cannot pass through them as they should. This is what causes loss of strength, numbness, weakness, tingling sensation, pain, loss of range of motion, loss of sensation. and muscle atrophy.

The treatment for this condition of course is to relieve this impingement. Sometimes this can be attained with physical therapy and other medical treatment. When the condition does not improve with such conservative care Cervical Laminectomy Surgery should be considered.

Cervical Laminectomy Surgery

The goal of Cervical Laminectomy Surgery is to remove the compression / impingement of the nerves to allow for proper transmission of signals to and from the brain. The surgery is done by making a 3 to 4 inch incision midline on the neck. The paraspinal muscles are then stripped away from the spina processes and then moved out of the way with retractors. A trough is cut on both sides of the affected lamina (supporting arch), just before it meets the adjacent facet joints (the location where ligaments join each vertebrae). This piece of bone is removed, giving the spinal cord and nerve roots more room to float back into the spinal canal and allowing them to heal.

In some cases, a spinal fusion may be performed after the cervical laminectomy. In a cervical spinal fusion, two or more of the affected vertebrae are joined together into a single unit using a bone graft and possibly a supporting metal plate and screws. The paraspinal muscles are then closed, which protects the spinal canal, and the incision is closed.

My neck and body hurts from an auto accident – what now?

Call us today at Complete Orthopedics to schedule an appointment with our orthopedic surgeons. The sooner you schedule and appointment the sooner your injury can be diagnosed and appropriately treated. The sooner conservative treatment is started the greater the chance you have to avoid the need for Cervical Laminectomy Surgery.

Do not delay in seeking medical treatment! Not only does delaying your treatment prolong your period of illness, but a gap in treatment makes it harder to recover in a personal injury case. In fact, often times what would be a good case to recover upon is ruined by a gap in treatment because someone puts off getting medical treatment. How many times have you heard or said “if I still feel bad next week I’ll go see a doctor…” only to wait and wait and it’s a month or more before treatment is sought. Don’t let this be you! Seek treatment immediately! You have the medical No Fault coverage so treatment is free!

How come treatment is free?

Payment for your cervical neck whiplash injuries, and all other medical treatment for injuries you sustained in an auto accident are never paid by you. Rather, you are entitled to New York No Fault medical benefits. Under NY State Law, the auto insurer of which you were in when the accident occurred must pay your medical and surgical bills. If you were a pedestrian, then the car’s auto insurer that struck you must pay your medical bills.

However, you must apply for your No Fault benefits with the auto insurer IMMEDIATELY. Under NY No Fault law, you only have 30 days to make the application. If you submit the application more than 30 days after the accident the insurer will disclaim coverage for a late application. This means that you will be out of pocket for your medical treatment.

Who can assist me in filing my NY No Fault Application?

The New York automobile accident injury attorneys at Win That Case will make the No Fault application for you. Either call us directly at 877-996-6849 or tell the doctors at Complete Orthopedics that you injuries were sustained in an automobile accident. They will assist you in getting in touch with the lawyers at Win That Case and completing your application for No Fault medical coverage insurance.

Do don’t delay – call Complete Orthopedics today! Call the NY auto accident attorneys at Win That Case today at 877-996-6849, or have Complete Orthopedics and his staff get you in touch with the attorneys at Win That Case.

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