Is it time for a knee replacement?

Getting a precise knee implant fit is an important key to your comfort and overall experience following knee replacement surgery. The size, shape, and fit of your knee implants can make a big difference in your satisfaction after total knee replacement. That’s why we use clinically proven Persona® Knee Implants1 at our facility, designed to give us more options to better match your bone’s anatomy.

A Smarter Way to Regain Mobility

We are pleased to introduce the smart knee implant, Persona IQ, the only implant that that gives you visibility into your post-surgery journey and keeps you connected to your healthcare team every step of the way.

Smart Fit.

We use your natural knee as a guide to ensure your knee implant works with your unique anatomy – for a knee replacement that’s personalized specifically to you.

Smart Data.

Persona IQ gathers information about your new knee after surgery, including range of motion, step count, average walking speed and more, that is used to inform us of your recovery progress.

Smart Recovery.

In combination with in-person visits and the ability to collect information from your knee 24/7 anytime, anywhere, we can be connected to help you have a more informed recovery.

How It Works

We will start by selecting Persona knee implants that best match your knee’s anatomy. On the bottom portion of the Persona IQ implant, a small “smart” stem extension is attached. Persona IQ captures your motion data on your range of motion, stride length, walking speed, qualified step count, distance traveled and cadence.

The Range of Motion in Your Knee

Your Step Count

Your Stride Length

The Distance You Walk

Your Walking Speed


Persona IQ does NOT collect data on your location.

Secure Data Flow Between You and Your Care Team

Persona IQ fits seamlessly into your life. You’ll simply set your mymobility® account and Home Base Station up one time. Then, your smart knee implant automatically collects data throughout the day and sends it directly to your surgeon overnight.

Your Persona IQ implant collects activity data throughout the day

The Home Base Station transmits Persona IQ data to the mymobility® app automatically

Communicate with your care team and view your motion data on the mymobility app

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my data accessed?
You, your surgeon, and care team will be able to view your data through the secure mymobility app.

How will my data be used?
The data will be used by your care team as long as you continue sharing your data. If you decide you no longer want your data collected, you can simply opt out. Talk to your surgeon for information on how to opt out. Outside of regulated implant reportable data elements, your historical data will be anonymized once you have opted out of data sharing.

Who has access to my data?
Your data will be available to your care team and authorized administrators Zimmer Biomet and Canary Medical) of your Persona IQ smart stem implant

Will the smart implant track my location?
No, the Persona IQ smart stem implant is not a GPS tracking device

Do I need to tell other doctors about the implant if I need a different surgery?
It’s always good to inform your physicians about your medical history

Can the battery inside the smart stem device hurt me?
Some medical procedures and treatments use medical equipment that introduces electrical currents into your body. These medical procedures and treatments are contraindicated with your smart stem implant because it could damage the sensor in the implant. Always inform your health care provider that you have a smart implant before any medical procedure and/or treatment. The battery inside of Persona IQ does not need to be replaced.

We care about your privacy

Zimmer Biomet will only use your data to provide our products and services, and for purposes that are compatible with treatment.

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