Dr. Harvey Manes, MD

Dr. Harvey Manes, MD


  • M.D. Degree, Downstate Medical School, 6/72
  • Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery, 6/77.
  • “Lead Contamination in our water supply” presented at Amer. Chem Soc. 1/68.
  • “Quadriceps Myofribrosis” presented at NY Academy of Medicine, 5/75
  • “Total Ankle Replacement” 1976 Yearbook. World book Encyclopedia.
  • “Total Elbow Replacement” Interview Televised by NBC news-3/76
  • “Quadriceps Myofribrosis”at the A.A.O.S convention, 2/77
  • “Total knee replacement” in clinical Orthopedics, 1/77
  • “Quadricpes Myofibrosis” in J.B.J.S. 2/1979
  • “New Method in Reducing a dislocated Shoulder” clinical Orthopedics, 1/80 
  • “New Method in Reducing a dislocated Shoulder” Emergency Medicine, 1/80 
  • “Idopathic Dorsal Dislocation of the ulna head” at A.A.O.S. convention,  1/82
  • “Unusual Complication in Hip Screw Insertion” in Orthopedics, 10/85
  • “Foregein Body Granuloma of Bone” in clinical Orthopedics, 10/85
  • “Chemonucleoysis in Private Practice” Surgical Rounds for Orthopedics, 11/88
  • “Chemonucleoysis performed in Ambulatory Surgical Center” J.T.T.S. convention, 1/92
  • “EMG and Carpal Tunnel syndrome” Letter to Editor J.B.J.S. 3/93
  • “EMG and Carpal Tunnel syndrome” Letter to Editor, J of ortho 6/96
  • “Peroneal nerve entrapment”  Letter to Editor, J.B.J.S. 10/01
  • “New clinical test for meniscus tears” Letter to Editor, J.B.J.S, 5/05
  • “Fractures of the distal radius” Letter to Editor, J.B.J.S. 9/07
  • Created by Dr. Harvey’s Orthopedic pain relief cream-2008
  • “Reliability of MRI’s for Patella Chondromalacia” Letter of J.B.J.S. 6/10
  • “Knee Surgery” Letter Newsday, 9/11/10
  • “Practice Medicine” Letter Newsday, 12/14/10
  • “Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Motorcyclist” Orthopedics 5/12
  • “Dr. Harveys E-Z Pain relief guide for Baby Boomers” 6/12
  • Appointed to Editorial Board of Orthopedics, J of Ortho/Rheum 2014
  • “Cyclist Neck” Austin J. Ortho and Rheum June, 2016
  • Chief Res/Residency: Kings County Hospital, Downstate Medical Center 7/72-7/76, Ortho Surg/Chief Res 75/76

  • Private Practice: Lindenhurst, NY 7/76-present

  • Queens Surgical Center, Queens NY -present

  • Clinical Instructor Downstate Medical Center  7/76-86.

  • Clinical Associate Professor-N.C.M.C.  7/77-92.

  • Chief/Dept of Ortho-Massap. Gen Hospital  7/85-98.

  • Volunteer at St. Vincents Hospital on 9/11/2001

  • American College of Sports Medicine -2001-present

  • New York Society of Orthopedic Surgeons -1976-present


MEDICARE PIN #: 625131

W/C COS-118939-8

BNDD #BM1102641

N.P.I -1336254341